David Mauch

Contact Information


     I was born in Cincinnati and lived there until I was 18 years old.  I graduated from Turpin High School which is on the East Side of the city in Anderson Township.

     In 1992 I moved to the Dayton area after graduating high school to attend Wright State University.  At Wright State I majored in professional writing and worked at the university newspaper.  After college, in 1997, like many graduates I needed a job and that's when I stumbled into working for the Boy Scouts of America.  I didn't know much about the BSA then, but I did enjoy working with youth and loved camping and the outdoors.

     In 1997 I started my career as an executive in the Robert E. Hadley District serving Clinton County.  IN 2000 I had the opportunity to serve both the Hadley District and the Chillicothe District.   In 2002 I moved to Columbus to work in the Simon Kenton Council as an executive in Tri-Creek District.  In 2007 I had the opportunity to move back to the Tecumseh Council and work in the Lagonda District as well as returning to serve the tremendous people of Clinton County.

     It is a blessing to work for the Boy Scouts of America and the Tecumseh Council.  I am married to my lovely wife Christy and have a seven year old son, Jeremiah, who attends Enon Elementary School.

     In my free time I enjoy coaching Jeremiah's soccer team, going to sporting events - especially the Reds and Bengals - and I still love camping, hiking and the outdoors.