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Ninth Annual Miami Valley TechFest 

Attention Scout Council, Troop, Crew, Pack, and Den leaders, youth, and parents

TechFestTM 2011 will be on Saturday, February 19 (10 am – 6 pm) and Sunday, February 20 (11 am – 5 pm).  It will at the David Ponitz Center at Sinclair Community College, 301 West Fourth Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402 (GPS Address) Dayton, Ohio.

TechFestTM is for youth K-12, but it is focused for grades 4-9 to have free family fun with science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).  The purpose is to motivate youth to study math and science in their school environment. 

Youth from the eight county Greater Dayton/Miami Valley area, 18 other Ohio counties, and youth from seven other states participated in TechFestTM 2010.  Over 17,382 youth have registered at TechFestTM since 2003. 

TechFestTM is an Engineers and Scientists Week celebration.  TechFestTM is truly unique.  It is a STEM festival.  Like a community festival you can choose which booths or exhibits you want to visit and you can chose your own order.  You can visit the exhibits between show times.  Also TechFestTM is like a trade show.  There are many choices that will satisfy a wide variety of interests.  If it looks fun or interesting, you can do it, or not.  If it is new and you are curious, you can explore and check it out.  It does not cost anything and you have no obligation.  Some exhibitors have a permanent venue outside of TechFestTM.  If it looks like the organization may have more to do at their normal site, you can visit them later in their house. 

TechFestTM program features include:

·         Practicing scientists and engineers coach and/or demonstrate hands-on interactive exhibits:  TechFestTM 2010 had 73 exhibits from professional societies, colleges, universities, businesses, parks, museums, and Wright-Paterson Air Force Base.  These exhibits were in three buildings plus an outdoor exhibit area.  The wide range of topics includes but is not limited to biology, life sciences, chemistry, physics, aviation, electricity, weather, space, environmental science, computer technology, computer simulation, computer games, optics, math, civil engineering, project management, safety, and more. 

·         Stage demonstrations and presentations on STEM topics:  TechFestTM 2010 had 14 scientists and engineers who made 44 informative and entertaining presentations (info-tainment). 

·         Free Teachers Workshops/In-services on STEM topics approved for CEU’s:   There are sixteen workshops with 800 total seats available (Saturday only).  Flyers for the teachers’ workshops are scheduled for distribution to schools beginning in January.  Contact Shiela Wallace 937.429.2473, after 10 AM daily. 

·            Special Opportunity for Scouts.   The TechFest team has been conducting a pilot test of Merit Badge Linkages to exhibits that have the potential of partially filling requirements.  A skeleton team conducts a scan of exhibitor and speaker descriptions which become available mid January to fine linkages to merit badges.  This is published as a guide which is available at the ASC table. It would be nice to have a uniformed scouter at the table who could also serve as general TechFest Information and referral.   It also would be helpful to have an active scouter involved with this process.  We have had requests for linkages of exhibitors and speakers to skill awards.  We will welcome partnering with BSA to enhance  this product.  The following merit badges and 2010 exhibits were partially linked to TechFestTM (2011 exhibits could be different):  American heritage, animal science, archeology, astronomy, aviation, chemistry, communications, computersExternal Link, electricityExternal Link, electronicsExternal Link, engineeringExternal Link, environmental scienceExternal Link, geologyExternal Link, journalism, mammal studyExternal Link, model design & building, natureExternal Link, plant science, radioExternal Link, reptile and amphibian studyExternal Link, space explorationExternal Link, and weatherExternal Link.

Outstanding Educators believe in the TechFestTM Value

Denny Morrison, Honorary Chair TechFestTM 2007 and 2011,

“80% of the young people who drop out of high school are kinesthetic learners.  The TechFestTM is a perfect example of the hands-on type of experiences that we need to provide our kids so they stay interested in learning.  What a super program.” 

Dr Dan Curran, President of the University of Dayton, TechFestTM 2008 Honorary Chair,

“TechFestTM is a unique experience for students and their parents.   They can browse a wide range and number of sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics hands-on activities and demonstrations.  It is a showcase of the capabilities and opportunities among colleges, universities, professions, and employers in the greater Dayton/Miami Valley—all focused on showing youth the fun they can have while learning about science and math.”

Dave Scarberry, Superintendent Fairborn Schools, TechFestTM Honorary Chair 2009-2010

“Our youth need every opportunity to experience science, technology, engineering and math and to take part in hands-on educational experiences and to have fun in these subject areas!  TechFestTM provides the perfect venue for outstanding educational practices and experiential learning opportunities for youth!”

Consider putting TechFestTM  2011 on your council, troop, crew, pack, or den calendar as a recommended outside the classroom experience for science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). 

All attendees (both adult and youth) are encouraged to wear the colors of your favorite school or organization to show your pride in education, your interest in STEM, and the opportunities that it offers. 

Thank you for your role in encouraging youth in all you do.  Consider adding TechFest to the list of events to participate in.  It is fun learning.   Approximately 50% of the youth heard about TechFestTM from school, and another 45% heard about TechFestTM from parents and friends.  

TechFestTM flyers will be distributed to schools for classroom distribution for grades 4-9 in late-January/early-February 2011. 

TechFestTM  flyers will also be available for you unit at the council office after January 11, 2011. 

TechFestTM is planned and organized by volunteers of the Affiliate Societies Council of Dayton {a 501 (c)(3) organization} as an Engineers and Scientists Week Celebration.

Additional Information on TechFestTM is available at www.ascdayton.orgExternal Link.  You may call Lyle Lockwood, Marketing Chair, at 937.426.2808 or send an e-mail to, or contact the honorary chairs listed above.  We will be pleased to answer questions, provide an informational presentation, and/or provide references. 

For hands-on exhibitor demonstrations and information contact (phone 937.271.1924)

To offer assistance with the merit badge linkages to exhibits contact me. 

See you at TechFestTM  2011 with your youth. 

Lyle Lockwood, Chair, Affiliate Societies Council 

937.426.3211 (H)
937.426.2808 (W)
937.613.3645 (Mobile)


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