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Unit and District Tools Another option is to ask your unit leader. If they have a MyScouting account they can link over to Unit and District Tools and export your member ID from there. If they are using Internet Advancement, your unit leader can get the member ID on a roster from there as well.

Q: What is a Toolkit?

A: A Membership Toolkit provides your BSA organization structure. Your Toolkit will represent your unit(s) or district, as well as units within a district.

Q: Why do I only see the option for My Dashboard in my Toolkit, but other people in my unit see Roster Manager, Announcements, and Calendar?

A: Only Key 3 administrators (e.g., Scoutmaster, chartered organization representative, or committee chairman) have the ability to view other Toolkits and post communications to unit members.

Q: Once I am in Unit and District Tools, how do I get back to my old MyScouting account?

A: You simply need to click on the “Legacy MyScouting” button in the top, right-hand corner. If the legacy MyScouting remains open (but minimized), click to maximize the window again.

Q: Why is nothing listed in the Announcements column when I click on My Dashboard?

A: Your unit or district Key 3 administrators haven’t published any announcements at this point. Once published, announcements will automatically show up in this column.

Q: Why can I not update my first name, last name, and date of birth under the Personal Information section?

A: Your Personal Information section cannot be edited due to criminal background check regulations. To have something changed you will need to contact your council.

Q: How do I update my Primary Information section (phone number, email address, physical address, etc.)?

A: You can edit any of this information by clicking on the location, phone, and envelope icons next to those fields under your Profile.

Q: Why is my address in Unit and District Tools different from the one in my MyScouting account?

A: You entered the address in your MyScouting profile when you created that account. The address in your Unit and District Tools profile, on the other hand, has been pulled in from the BSA database. This could be an old address that has simply not been updated in the system. To update your address, click the location symbol next to it and edit it.

Q: How do I add an event to my calendar?

A: Your Key 3 unit leaders and Key 3 district leaders will add Scouting events to your calendar.

Q: How do I go back a step in the tool without losing my work? When I hit the back arrows while making a new announcement or calendar event it takes me completely out of the tool.

A: You can go to the previous screen by using the “Back to Calendar Listing” or “Back to Calendar“ buttons within Unit and District Tools.

Key 3 Administrator-specific FAQ

Q: Who are the unit and district Key 3 administrators?

A: Unit Key 3 administrators include:

Cubmaster (pack)

Scoutmaster (troop)

Varsity Coach (team)

Venturing Crew Advisor (crew)

Skipper (ship)

Committee chairman

Chartered organization representative


District Key 3 administrators include:

District committee chairman

District commissioner

District executive

Q: I am a Key 3 in a district. When I click on the Roster tool, who are the people that appear in the roster list on the right side of my screen?

A: Initially when accessing the roster tool, non-unit district registrants are displayed in the list. You will also see a list of the units in your district. Once you click on a unit, the roster on the right will display that particular unit’s registrants.

Q: Can I send out a calendar event or an announcement without clicking the Format Invitation button?

A: No, you have to format your invitation before sending it out to your unit or district.

Q: In the Calendar tool, when I schedule an event and select “Send Invitations”, how are people being notified?

A: The scheduled event will automatically appear in their Calendar. Email notification will be in a future release.

Q: What type of reports can be exported from the roster?

A: Only Key 3 administrators have the option to export Calling Lists, Mailing Lists, and Member Lists. Due to privacy regulations, however, only one list can be exported at a time from the roster.

For further explanation please see the PowerPoint located on the flash page or email the National Support Center at

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