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Tecumseh Council Scouts Blast Off into Space

Astronaut Gregory H. Johnson, a Tecumseh Council Eagle Scout, paid a visit to his childhood Boy Scout camp at Camp Hugh Taylor Birch this past Saturday, the 21st of April.  While there, he spoke to over 150 Scouts and 50 adult leaders who were attending their spring camporee that weekend at the camp.

Mr. Johnson became an Eagle Scout on July 19, 1978, and was a member of Troop 162, which at the time was chartered at Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Mr. Johnson was selected by NASA to enter the astronaut training program in 1998.  He piloted his first mission in Nov. 3, 2008.  Astronaut Johnson piloted the Space Shuttle Endeavor on its final mission in 2011.

Astronaut Johnson entertained many questions from the Scouts who gathered around him on the parade field at camp.  The eagerly asked questions included: Did you have to learn to speak Russian?  How long does it take to train for a mission?  How does it feel going from zero gravity back to earth’s gravity?  Did you develop any medical issues? What got you interested in becoming an astronaut?  What was your Eagle Scout project?  How does being in outer space compare to being here at camp?  How many space shuttles are there?  How much do they cost?  How and what did you eat?  How did you sleep?  Is the correct term “Micro Gravity” instead of “Zero Gravity”?  How did you shower?  And of course – How did you go to the bathroom?  Astronaut Johnson answered each question in detail and the Scouts had many more to ask him before the time permitted for his visit ran out.  Before he departed, members of the troop he was associated with as a youth presented him with the patches and trading cards for the camporee that was going on at camp that weekend.



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