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Tecumseh Council Pinewood Derby results for 2011

This year's council Pinewood Derby race had some tough competition with dozens of racers aiming for the top. In the end, it was Nathan Coffield who out paced the other racers to win the top prize. 

Tonia Banks did an outstanding job hosting the event. Members of 311 provided an fun-filled showing of racing during the day, and Mike Sprowl captured the great images of the winners below.

Here's a look at the results:

Overall Winners
1st - Nathan Coffield   Web   Pk316
2nd - Ben Michaels   Web   Pk68
3rd - Jason Michaels   Wolf   Pk68
4th - Gavin Gibson   Wolf   Pk51


Tiger Division
1st - Curtis Myers   Pk937
2nd - Israel Edwards   Pk543
3rd - Cody Vanhoose   Pk65


Wolf Divison
1st - Ben Coffield   Pk316
2nd - Jake Sprowl   Pk173
3rd - Garrett Randles   Pk49


Bear Division
1st - Trent Gaus   Pk49

2nd - Luca Vitale   Pk165
3rd - Ryeley Grice   Pk165


Webelos Division
1st  - Josh Wallace   Pk74
2nd  - Austin Banks   Pk338
3rd - Kolton Hahn   Pk74

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