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Adventure Has a New Name: Scouts BSA

As we enter a new era for our organization, it is important that all youth can see themselves in Scouting in every way possible. That is why we're proud to announce that Scouts BSA is the new name for the Boy Scout program. Scouts BSA perfectly represents the new, inclusive program for older Scouts that the Boy Scouts of America is proud to offer. The name change will be effective in February 2019, when Scouts BSA will begin welcoming girls and boys.

Why Scouts BSA? Because it builds on the legacy of the Scout name. The Scout meetings, Scout camp, the Scout handbook, Scouts themselves - we have more than 108 years of heritage and tradition built on the Scout name. The organization name will continue to be 'Boy Scouts of America.' The BSA will continue to build the future of Scouting with Scouts BSA, as we deliver character and leadership and offer a path to the rank of Eagle Scout for boys and girls.

Scout. It's not just what I do, it's who I am.

How Was the New Name Determined?

In February 2018, the BSA began working with an outside agency to develop naming options for the Older Girl/Youth Program. Guidelines included:

* The organization name 'Boy Scouts of America' will not change
* The name must be relevant to today's youth and families
* Explore two scenarios:
o (1) Two names - keep the name 'Boy Scout' and come up with a name for the older girl program, or
o (2) One name - develop one name that would be used for the program that would serve both boys and girls.

After reviewing and refining a list of potential names, the BSA shared the naming options with key stakeholders, including volunteer panels, professional panels, district operations basic classes, panels of commissioners, the Boy Scout Support Committee, the Marketing Committee and the Scout Executive Marketing Advisory panel.


Each group independently came to the conclusion that a separate name for the Boy Scout program and another name for the girl program was confusing and risked communicating an incorrect assumption that the girl program was perhaps watered down or somehow different.

One Name is the Best Choice

All of the groups independently decided that the one-name scenario was the best choice. They also agreed that the best name choice was 'Scouts'. They agreed that the name 'Scouts' best preserved the brand equity of the program and provided the easiest transition.

As we enter a new era for our organization, Scouts BSA perfectly represents the new, inclusive program for older Scouts.

Scouts BSA Questions and Answers

Q: Are you changing the name of the organization?
A: No, our iconic organization name will continue to be Boy Scouts of America

Q: When will the name change be effective?
A: The scheduled launch date for Scouts BSA is February 1, 2019.

Q: What will the members of the program be called?
A: Just as today, they will be called Scouts. For example, "I'm in Scouts BSA, so I am a Scout."

Q: Will The Boy Scout Handbook be updated to reflect the new name?
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