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Scout Me In Says Count Me In!

We're proud to introduce Scout Me In, the new recruitment campaign that invites all kids and families in America to be part of the life-changing experience that is Scouting.

The tagline, Scout Me In, celebrates the BSA's historic decision to serve families and welcome girls and boys into Scouting so they can experience the character-building fun and adventure the program brings to life in communities across the country.

It's more than just a tagline, Scout Me In reinforces that the mission and core values in the Scout Oath and Law are important and relevant for both young men and women.

What It Means

For kids, Scout Me In is a call to action.
It's an invitation to take part in the fun and adventure that will help kids to build the confidence to find and forge a path to their own best self - today and in the future.

For families, Scout Me In is a call for togetherness.
Today's families are busier than ever. They are looking for options that welcome the whole family - mom, dad, sisters, and brothers - to the adventure of Scouting.

For the BSA, Scout Me In is a call for celebration!
This is historic! By welcoming boys and girls into Cub Scouts - and into our older youth Scouting program scheduled for February 2019 - even more young people will have access to the character development and values-based leadership that will prepare them for a lifetime of success. It's time to celebrate!

It's not just for Cub Scouts - That's why you'll see versions of the Scout Me In tagline with the BSA fleur de Lis, the Cub Scout logo, and the Scouts BSA logo. A Spanish-language version is coming soon. No matter the version, Scout Me In says "Count Me In!"

Scout Me In Puts Kids in the Middle of the Action

It is harder than ever to capture people's attention. To break through, we needed a crisp, modern way to show families and kids that they need Scouting in their lives.
The Scout Me In campaign is rooted in the idea that to truly understand Scouting, you need to shift your perspective.

Instead of giving boys and girls a pulled-back view of Scouting, Scout Me In puts them right into the middle of the action, so they literally see things from the point of view of doing all the biking, rocket-launching, campfire-starting, big-mouth-bass-angling awesomeness that is Cub Scouts.

And for parents, Scout Me In campaign creative captures the excitement of seeing their child doing these activities in contemporary ways with images and copy that reinforce the family and character benefits of Scouting.

Cutting-edge Photography

With cutting-edge photography and video, Scout Me In puts kids in the middle of the action with a diverse range of activities from fishing, canoeing, biking, and rockets. The result is an engaging set of creative assets unlike any other!

Scout Me In Campaign Assets

These assets include two-sided recruiting flyers - one side from the perspective of potential Scouts and the other side from the parent's perspective - digital tools, engaging social media content and more. Activities include:

* Rockets
* Canoeing
* STEM/Slime
* Biking
* Fishing

Additionally, we are supporting fall recruiting with a digital media buy focusing on SEO and paid social to reach parents during the key time in key markets when they are making decisions about the activities and organizations for their family.

We're releasing the Scout Me In recruitment assets on the Marketing and Membership Hub as they become available. You can find Scout Me In logo assets there, too.

Use Scout Me In to Reach the Full Family!

o Use the Scout Me In logo and recruitment assets in recruitment this fall.
o Share the Scout Me In campaign assets with volunteers and unit leaders to build excitement for fall recruitment
o Use the Scout Me In logo and assets on your web sites, social media, email, newsletters, events, banners and signage - anywhere you reach volunteers and families
o Use the Scout Me In concept to tell the story of family Scouting in your community
o Use the hashtag #ScoutMeIn with your Family Scouting social media content to spread the word.

It's more than a tagline - it's a call to action. Just say, "Scout Me In!"
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