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Scout Executive's Minute

It’s a great day for Scouting! I hear that a lot around here and love it each and every time. However, when pressed about why it is a great day for Scouting each person has a different reason. For each of us it is a personal expression of why it is a great day but positive attitude is infectious. How can you help make it a better day for Scouting now and in the future? First, ensure that the boys in your den, patrol, pack or troop are attending meetings and having fun. Second, ensure that they have the tools at their disposal to advance in rank. Third, get trained in your specific position! Fourth, get them to Camp Birch for either a weekend camping trip, day event or Council sponsored event. Fifth, get the youth to summer camp next summer. Sixth, recruit other parents, boys and families by talking about all of the fun activities you do in Scouting

If each of us does our part in developing the youth, we will have a stronger community. There are a ton of programs out there for the youth but none compare or come close to the difference that we make in the lives of the youth in the Tecumseh Council. I had an older gentleman approach me last week and say thank you to me for conducing the Bobcat ceremony at Spook-O-Ree. He told me that he remembers going to camp as a Cub Scout for one reason….the Order of the Arrow did a ceremony at a campfire when he was his grandson’s age. He went on to say that he doesn’t remember anything else really but that dance is vivid in his mind.   

If we all do our part it is a great day for Scouting!

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