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Resources for Virtual Scouting

Youth Protection Guidelines

The safety of our members is first and foremost with any Scouting activity. As we make the shift to virtual methods for Scouting, don't forget that all YPT guidelines still apply. Check out this article from Bryan on ScoutingExternal Link for more details.

Virtual Meeting Tools

There are many free and paid solutions out there and we've collected a few options for you to consider as you're formulating a plan for virtual Scouting:

Cisco WebExExternal Link: Full featured, no time limit, allows up to 100 participants

Google HangoutsExternal Link: Easy to use, no time limit, allows up to 10 participants

ZoomExternal Link: Great features, 40-minute time limit, allows up to 100 participants

SkypeExternal Link: Good stability, four-hour time limit, allows up to 50 participants

UberConferenceExternal Link: Excellent video quality, 45-minute time limit, allows up to 10 participants

FreeConferenceCall.comExternal Link: Old standby for audio conferencing, can also share screen. Six-hour time limit, allows up to 1000 participants.

Collaboration Tools

SlackExternal Link: Chat based collaboration, can setup up different channels for different projects or groups.

Google DocsExternal Link: Many are already familiar with this free service provided by Google. It is a great way to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations to share or work on together remotely.

DiscordExternal Link: Audio only and chat-based solution positioned to gamers. Some youth may already be familiar with this solution if they have used it for video gaming.


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