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Patches For Sale on E-bay to Benefit Tecumseh Council

Tecumseh Council received a gift of 100s of patches from the son of a former adult Scouter who was very active in the Council from the late 1960s through the early 1980s. Many of these patches will soon be displayed in the Council Museum on the ground floor of the Scout Office. In many cases, there were multiple patches for the same event or there were patches not from our Council. These patches are being sold on E-bay and all money raised from the sale will go to the Council. If you are interested in old Tecumseh Council patches and want to support funding the Council, please go to the following E-bay auctions and bid! Thanks for the support. E-bay auction numbers: 222907319050; 222907317107; 222907313428; and 222907309414. If you find one lot you can click on “See other items”, and all auctions will come up.

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