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Family Bash big success because of strong volunteers

I would like to extend a big “Thank You” to the following Scouters and Units who staffed the 2011 Family Bash. Thanks to your help, it was a big success. More than 900 people enjoyed the beautiful weather and great program the weekend of May 20-22. 


Tawnya Downing-Chair


Tom Irick-Chair


Archer Thomas-Campfire Program


Art and Anna Johnson-Food Service


Fawn Kauffman-Food Service


Mark Plant-Parking Coordinator


Tee Forshaw-Administration


Pat Finke-Mowing


Mary Jo Hensley-First Aid


Troop 311                                                                        Troop 56                                                                       


Troop 182                                                                        Troop 937


Crew 311                                                                        Troop 87


Troop 94                                                                         Troop 28


Troop 61                                                                        Crew 444


Troop 131                                                                        Crew 439


Troop 6


There are many others who didn’t sign in on the staff rooster and I’d like to thank them too.  It’s Scouts and Scouters like you that make an outstanding program possible.


In Scouting,


Rob Sparks


Program director


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