To All Scoutmasters, Scout Parents, and Committee Members:

Do you have a great SPL? Or a couple of scouts who are your go-to guys whenever you need to get something done? Or how about that scout who is so good with all the new scouts? Or the guy who can always be counted on to run a game or get up and lead a song? Then there are the scouts who you know have the potential to be that guy, if only they had the right push; the right experience; the right training…

If any of these descriptions fit a Boy Scout or a Venturer you know, do them, yourselves, and us a favor and suggest they apply for a summer job at Camp Birch.

For them, this could be a fantastic summer of work and play; learning, growing and teaching; of new friendships, and that special kind of camaraderie that comes from working and living and playing side by side with the same group of youth for several weeks. The memories they will carry through life of their summers at camp will be second to none.

For you, no matter how wonderful a scout you already have, I can guarantee you that he or she will come back to you at the end of the summer with more self-confidence, more skills, better teaching ability, and probably knowing a few more songs and skits! We give our staff a full week of training before summer camp begins, but the real growth comes from their experiences over the weeks of camp that follow.

For us, the benefit is obvious. In a survey that asked “What makes great summer camp great?”, “The camp staff” was at the top of the list. At Birch we have been building a better staff with each passing year. Unfortunately these outstanding staff members eventually get older and move on into full time positions. So we have to be continually building our staff to maintain and improve. We know that there are a lot of talented scouts out there, and we would like to see them become a part of our team.

So please pass this on to all those terrific scouts you know who would benefit from this wonderful opportunity.  Applications should be mailed to:  Joanna Snyder-staff application * Tecumseh Council, BSA * 326 S Thompson Ave * Springfield OH 45506.

Summer might seem a long way off during these bleak winter months, but we are already busy planning summer camp and getting ready to hire this year’s staff. The time to apply is now!STAFF APPLICATION AVAILABLE HERE