New Camp Birch vehicle policy

A new Vehicle Policy is going into effect at Camp Birch Dec. 1, 2010.  

This is in response to concerns expressed by Tecumseh Council volunteers about the volume of traffic in camp on weekends and during events.  

Camp Birch is a busy place, and the safety of our Scouts is the most important consideration.  

We’ve had two close calls recently, which in part  prompted this revision.  No one wants to see a Scout or adult injured by a car in camp.  

In 2010 we've been averaging about 150 campers at Birch on any given weekend.  

Excessive vehicle traffic is also having a negative impact on campsites and roads.  

A copy of the policy is available here.  The Council Camping Committee reviewed and approved the new Vehicle Policy in November.  

Questions or concerns can be addressed to Rob Sparks, Property Director, at [Click for member's page].