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Order of the Arrow Elections

The annual Tarhe Lodge Order of the Arrow (OA) election time is upon us for 2011, the 101 year of Scouting in the United States.  Each Scoutmaster, ASM, SPL, Committee Chairman, and Arrowman should help assure that his Troop holds a unit election so that all eligible scouts and scouters have the opportunity to become OA candidates.  Lodge members that are not members of the troop holding an election will be assigned to help troop OA representatives facilitate their unit elections.  Elections are held at the Troop level and should be completed prior to the District Spring Camporees in late April or early May of 2011, when the candidate call-outs will be announced.  Election procedures, eligibility requirements, and election documentation may be found in the

Tarhe Lodge Election Guide that is available on the Tecumseh Council, and OA Tarhe Lodge web sites.  Each Boy Scout Troop should appoint a youth OA member as their Troop OA Representative to help coordinate all Troop OA activities, including elections, and help with elections in other troops.  Troop OA Representative is an official troop leadership position for advancement.

Each unit should contact the Tarhe Lodge Election Advisor, Ray Blowers, Ph: (937) 429-2191 (H), E-mail: to identify their OA Representative and schedule their unit election (date, time, and place) so that lodge members can be available to facilitate the election.  Tarhe Lodge can be contacted through the Tecumseh Council ( www.tecumsehcouncilbsa.orgExternal Link ) or Tarhe Lodge (www.tarhe292.orgExternal Link) websites.  Other points of contact for Tarhe Lodge are Drew Gainey, Lodge Chief, Ph: (937) 736-0292, E-mail:; Bartley Davis, OA Tarhe Lodge Advisor, Ph: (937) 736-0292, E-mail: .

Order of the Arrow Unit Elections Guide

This guide has been developed to provide all Unit Leaders and Order of the Arrow (OA) members in the Tarhe Lodge a standardized set of Unit Election materials for use when planning and conducting Order of the Arrow elections. While this guide is not all- inclusive, it covers most of the common elections questions. Additional questions about the Unit Elections process should be directed to the Elections Advisor,  Lodge Adviser, or the District Executive.

Please review the information contained in this Guide prior to conducting Unit Elections in your area to ensure that the Unit Elections preformed are in compliance with current OA policy. 

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