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New Features, Updates Added to My.Scouting Tools

We are happy to announce the latest new features and improvements that are available on My.Scouting Tools, including the following:

New! Organization Security Manager Tool

  • Key 3s at each organization level, including council, area, region and national, now have the ability to grant three people Key 3 access (a.k.a. Plus 3).
  • Key 3s have the ability to assign certain functional positions access to the Training Manager tool.  Additional roles will be added as needed and as new tools become available.  Member Manager will now contain only unit related roles applicable to sub units (i.e. Dens, Patrols, Squads, Groups, Crews) available for assignment.

For answers to some frequently asked questions concerning the Security Manager tool, click here.

Training Manager Enhancements:

  • New “Member Training Report” lists individual member’s current, completed training records and any incomplete position-specific trainings.
  • New “District Contact Report” identifies the Key 3s in each unit in the selected district, including contact information and YPT status.
  • New “Training Summary Report” provides dashboard status overview of those who are position trained and not trained, and YPT status at the council, area, region and national organization levels.

Other Enhancements:

  • Key 3s/Plus 3s at the national, region, and area levels have the ability to administer and update member information.  Based on your “natural context” (position), you can drill down from national to council level in each tool, including Training Manager, Organization Manager and Member Manager.

We encourage you to login to my.scouting.orgExternal Link to access these new features.  If you’re a Key 3 and can’t access these tools, please ensure that you are properly registered in a Key 3 position.

Your feedback is important, so if you have any questions or concerns, please email


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