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MyScouting Tools

A second version of the new MyScouting Tools was recently released to our Key 3 unit and district volunteers on my.scouting.orgExternal Link

This release moves toward our vision of volunteer empowerment.

The new tools provide more intuitive functionality and improved navigation.  It's made easy and transparent so that volunteers can focus more on Scouting. 

To become familiar and learn more about the new tools, select a link below to download instructions.


Dashboard view of Trained Leaders and Youth Protection Training status and counts

Add adult training information – not just YPT, for members in their organization structure

View member’s training history and YPT status

Print training certificate(s)

Print Youth Protection Aging Report (lists those who have not taken YPT, those whose YPT expired and those that will expire in 30, 60, 90 days)


Assign members to functional roles in sub organizations

View unit roster details

Edit/update certain member profile information

Print membership cards for each registered position

Print Youth Member Age Report


Create sub organizations in their unit

Maintain unit’s organizational details (social media information)

MY DASHBOARD (enhancements)

Update additional profile information (education, employer, civic & professional associations)

View personal training history

Print training certificate(s)

Print membership card(s)


Supported browsers:

Best experienced with Google Chrome 14+.

Firefox 21+ also supported.

Safari & Internet Explorer are not fully supported at this time.

To access their Key 3 role in a district, District Executive must be registered at the district, rather than the council. You may “multiple” a D.E. currently registered to the council, into the district for Key 3 access.

Non Key 3 members will only have access to the My Dashboard tool.

For questions regarding these new tools, please contact the National Support Center.
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