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Shopping benefits Tecumseh Council

We are excited to announce we have found a solution to help raise money without burdening the people we serve and without increasing our administrative costs. It is Meijer Community Rewards, a program designed for schools and religious groups offered through Meijer!

Meijer Community Rewards allows us to raise funds to meet our organization's goals simply and easily. Simply shop at Meijer, and we will automatically receive cash rewards from your purchases!

First, You have to join Meijer Community Rewards. It's free and can be done on-line at Link.

Enrolled members then pay for their Meijer purchases with cash or a PIN-debit card and their Meijer 1 Card* or with their Meijer Credit Card.

This program has proven to make a significant impact in serving other nonprofit organizations - ours will be no different. The sooner you join, the sooner we will begin receiving rewards! So please, apply today!

If you have any questions, go online at Link. Thank you for your support.

Here are steps to enroll in this program:

Join the story with Meijer Credit Card: supporters can join in the story when you apply for a Meijer Credit Card. If approved for instant credit, you can earn rewards that same day. You can also apply online at Link

Join on the Internet to receive a Meijer 1 Card* and keytags: Join online and receive a Meijer 1 Card and keytags within 2 weeks. (*The Meijer 1 Card is the store customer card, not a credit card).

Tecumseh Council's 6-digit code number for you to use when joining is 826842. This number has to be used to link your account to Tecumseh Council for local Scouts to receive the benefits of this program.

*The Meijer 1 Card is the store customer card, not a credit card

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