Geocaching Merit Badge Teaching Kit available 


A Geocaching Merit Badge teaching kit is available to borrow at the Tecumseh Council Scout office. The kit contains the information needed to teach the Merit Badge or to use as a fun Cub Scout activity. It is available on a check-out basis, similar to how libraries function.

Since the merit badge book is not currently available until at least November, the Tecumseh Council Geocaching coordinators, the Boyd family, have compiled a binder presentation of what they felt best met the requirements.

When the book becomes available, then it will be replaced with the merit badge book. 

The kit does not contain a GPS. Please feel free to contact them for any help related to Geocaching. Their local Geocaching club host’s many Cache In, Trash Out (C.I.T.O.) events throughout the year, and they have established contacts for several state and local parks.

Any Scout Troops who would like to meet the C.I.T.O. requirement for the merit badge can contact them at [Click for member's page].

Find out what Geocaching is all about and “Get in The Game!”

What is “Get in the Game?” It is a joint venture between the BSA and Geocaching.comExternal Link. Geocaching is a high-tech treasure hunt. Players hide a cache (container) and provide the coordinates online for others to find using a GPS (global positioning system) device. Once found, the finder posts a message to let others know they have found the cache and share their experiences.

As part of the “Get In the Game” promotion, a Geocaching team will be hiding caches in the Tecumseh Council area that highlight the Scouting program. These series of caches include the following:

  • Pillars of Scouting: A set of 5 caches that highlight the core values of the Scouting program:

            Achievement, Leadership, Character, Service and Outdoors.

  • Treasures of Scouting: A set of 5 caches highlighting the programs of Scouting:

            Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturing, Volunteers and Scout Alumni.

  • Cache to Eagle Series:  This set of caches will highlight Eagle Scout Service Projects throughout the council.

For more information on Geocaching or “Get in the Game” please see the following websites or contact the Tecumseh Council Geocaching Coordinator Rebecca Boyd ([Click for member's page])

www.geocaching.comExternal Link – geocaching website

www.geoscouting.comExternal Link – Get in the game site

www.mvgeo.comExternal Link – Miami Valley Geocachers, local geocaching group