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Changes in Advancement for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts

Cub Scouts

Bobcat and Bear Updates

The first update deals with the Bobcat badge. It clarifies that a new member may work on his Bobcat rank requirements while simultaneously working on his next rank. Current Parent's Guide sections of Cub Scouting handbooks all say something like "After your Cub Scout has earned his Bobcat badge, he can start along the Wolf/Bear/Webelos Trail." The change to the Guide to Advancement explains that new Cub Scouts-at any level-can jump right into full-fledged fun with their dens from their first meeting! For example, even though the expectation is that every new boy will earn his Bobcat badge in his first month as a Cub Scout, a new Wolf Cub Scout could work on both his Bobcat and Wolf requirements at the same time. However, he still cannot receive his Wolf badge until after he has received his Bobcat badge.

The second change deals with the Bear badge. Previously, a Cub Scout working on his Bear rank could not use any "left over" parts of an achievement used for his Bear badge to earn Arrow Points. Now, for example, if a boy completes mandatory requirements 'a' and 'j' along with optional requirements 'b' and 'c' for Achievement 3, "What Makes America Special," he can count any additional (d-i) requirements toward Arrow Points. In the Bear handbook, that change will be reflected on page 6, just above the pictures of the Arrow Points. For now, cross out the word "not," and you are ready to go.

These changes should simplify Cub Scout program planning and advancement record keeping, and more importantly, promote fuller program delivery at all levels. Go, Cub Scouts!

Boy Scouts

Cooking Merit Badge Required for Eagle Beginning January 1, 2014

There are two upcoming major revisions concerning Cooking merit badge.

  1. Cooking will become Eagle-required beginning January 1, 2014. Regardless of when a Scout earned the Life rank or began working on Eagle, unless he fulfills all the requirements-with the exception of his board of review-before January 1, 2014, he must earn the Cooking merit badge to become an Eagle Scout. Just as an Eagle Scout board of review does not need be held before the 18th birthday, it does not need to be held before January 1 for a Scout to earn Eagle without Cooking merit badge.
  2. A major overhaul to the Cooking merit badge requirements will take effect January 1, 2015. Normally, when new requirements are released during the year, they go into effect the following January1. However, because the release of the revised requirements is anticipated in late 2013, the revisions will not be officially required until January 1, 2015. Until then, Scouts have a choice to begin work on the Cooking merit badge using the current requirements or the revised ones-and finish using the same requirements. See Guide to Advancement, topic, "What to Do When Requirements Change."

Note that these are two separate changes and should be thought of as such.

Moviemaking Merit Badge Name Change

The Cinematography merit badge has been renamed Moviemaking merit badge. Other than some minor updates, requirements and content are essentially the same, as is the actual patch.

The pamphlet bearing the new name is scheduled for delivery in late November 2013, and the name change will appear in the 2014 Boy Scouts Requirements book.

Guide to Advancement, topic, "What to do When Requirements Change," outlines procedures for the transition to new requirements:

  • A youth who began working on Cinematography prior to the release of the new requirements may finish earning Cinematography using the old requirements.
  • A youth beginning work prior to January 1, 2014, may choose to use the old Cinematography requirements or the new Moviemaking ones-and may continue to use the specified requirements until he has complete the badge.

A Scout may earn and get credit for either Moviemaking or Cinematography, but not both.

For the next several months it will be possible to record the merit badge using either name in Internet Advancement or ScoutNET. Then it will only be possible to enter Moviemaking.

Scouts, counselors, unit leaders, and council and district-level volunteers can access the Moviemaking merit badge requirements by visiting: Link


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