Bring Them Home to Camp Initiative

Dear Scouts BSA Troops,

We were disheartened to learn that the national membership fee increase is going to hit sooner than expected – more than likely yet this year. We were led to believe we would have more time to inform and educate our leadership on the fee increase and effects from the on-going bankruptcy. Understandably, whatever amount this membership fee increase ends up being it could have a detrimental financial effect on families we serve within the Council. 

With the membership fee increase, we know more Scouts will need assistance in getting to summer camp. In our efforts to explore ways to help all youth and adults within the Tecumseh Council, we are offering a discount to all Scouts BSA Troops within the Council that attend summer camp at Camp Birch in 2020. All Troops that register, and pay, for 80% of their unit (using the Sept 24 membership report) to attend Scouts BSA Camp at Camp Birch in 2020 will receive a $50 per Scout discount. Please return the commitment form that was mailed to all Scoutmasters and Committee Chairs, and we will email you a discount code to use during online registration.

We need your business at Camp Birch to be able to continue offering the quality programs you’ve come to expect from Tecumseh Council. Our Camp Director, DL Kaufman, has great plans to expand and improve program, however we need funds to make that happen. This past summer over 300 of our Scouts camped at other Councils’ summer camps. If two-thirds of those Scouts “come home” and attend Camp Birch’s summer camp program in 2020, that would equate to over $45,000 in revenue for our Council. Revenue that would be used to directly impact our summer camp program.

Our Council continues to strive to provide everything your Troop needs and wants in a summer camp experience. We’ve listened to you and have valued your feedback. A few examples of our ongoing efforts include:

  • Across the board fee reduction for Cub Scout Day Camp in 2020.
  • New bathroom facilities at the aquatics center. Ground was broken in early August and construction is in full-swing. The new facilities will be fully operational by the Order of the Arrow conclave in May 2020. 
  • The footbridge between Clippinger Pavilion and the Nature Lodge has been repaired and will be in use for  Spook-O-Ree on October 19, 2019.
  • The food service at camp was exceptional this past summer and there are even more improvements in the works. 
  • Campsites and other areas are being adopted by individual Troops within the Council and the improvements they’re making are amazing.

Sign up today to attend summer camp at Camp Birch. We want and need you in 2020 more than ever before. If your Troop already has a deposit on a campsite at another Council’s camp, please talk to DL, Bethann, or Rob about having that fee discounted from your camp experience at Camp Birch. 

We look forward to seeing you at Camp!!

Rob Lavoie                                   DL Kaufman                           Bethann Thompson

Scout Executive                            Camp Director                       Vice President of Camping