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Bob Hisey - Silver Antelope

On Tuesday, September 15, 2020, the Tecumseh Council convened a “special” National Court of Honor to recognize one of Scouting’s premier awards – the Silver Antelope. The Silver Antelope Award is presented by a region for exceptional outstanding service to youth on a regional basis.  The awards have almost always been done at the region or national meeting, not at the local council of the honoree.  Generally, each of the four regions will recognize eight Scouters annually, but not always are eight chosen.  It's special also for our Tecumseh Council in that this is the NINE-TH Tecumseh Council Scouter to be honored – ninth since the Silver Antelope was first authorized in 1942.

We are proud to recognize Robert BOB Hisey with the Silver Antelope Award.  A few of the other Tecumseh Scouters who have been honored with Silver Antelope you may have heard of: 

  • When we drive on the north side of Urbana we pass the airport named .for Tecumseh Scouter Warren Grimes – our first Tecumseh Council Silver Antelope in 1946
  • Robert E. Hadley was honored with a Silver Antelope in 1951
  • Dr. Morris Martin – Bud Martin – has a lake named for him right over the hill on my left – Bud Martin was a Region Vice President in 1971 – and a Tecumseh Silver Antelope.
  • And a friend to many of us here – long time Executive Board member and Silver Antelope Gary Harrison in 2005

Bob Hisey has served in several regional positions which makes this award very appropriate à as our Area 6 Commissioner ten years ago, and then our area advancement chair, he served on the corresponding regional-level committees, and now as our Region Training Chair, he brings his local council experience together to support the area and region programs – and youth across the whole of the Central Region.   Bob is a Distinguished Eagle Scout, a Vigil Honor – and a former Tarhe Lodge Advisor, a Silver Beaver and now a Silver Antelope.

It gives me great honor to recognize and congratulate Bob Hisey. 

Pictured are Bob Hisey on the left and Elwin Spray on the right. 

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