Blank Adult Applications

We just received the new adult applications with the new disclosure form attached to the back of the adult application.  Starting with rechartering, this new adult application along with the new disclosure form will be the only acceptable adult application and disclosure form.  If you have a supply of old unused adult applications, please recycle them and then stop by the Council office or roundtable and pick up some new adult applications. 

For recharters, a completed Additional Disclosures & Background Check Authorization form is required for all adults that are listed on your recharter. An adult CANNOT be included on your recharter paperwork if there is not a signed form for them. These forms are being emailed to all registered adults with a valid email address in ScoutNet and there will be a copy included in the recharter packets that can be copied as needed. PLEASE TURN THESE IN WITH YOUR RECHARTER PAPERWORK (do not turn them in ahead of time).