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A New Service

The Tecumseh Council Scout Shop is pleased to provide a new service to anyone who may be interested. 

We will make available the past Woodbadge participants’ patrol project trifolds. The trifolds are well done and can be used for trainings, Roundtables, committee meetings, troop/patrol meetings or pack/den meetings. 

We currently have five available:

1 – “Are You Trained?” – a trifold that can be used as is or updated with current training information. Every Scout deserves a trained leader. 

2 – “Recipe For Success” – a trifold that speaks to safety, nutrition, and balance in cooking. A great teaching tool for Cub Scouts or new Boy Scouts.        

3 – “How Are Scouting Oaths Realized?” – a trifold that reviews the promises and oaths of Scouting and then speaks directly to Duty to God and Country, Duty to Others and Duty to Self. A feel-good reminder of what we do and why we do or a reminder for our Scouts of all ages.

4 – “Leave No Trace” – a trifold that talks about the ways all Scouts, youth and adults, can help to preserve our environment. Certainly something that could be used before any camping or before taking a Leave No Trace course.

5 – “Wheel of Fun” – a trifold that can be used to see who knows what about Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity and Venturing programs. Designed to be used as a game.

To use any of the trifolds, simply let the Scout Shop know when you need the trifold, what dates you would like to have it and we will have it ready for you to pick up when you need it. We hope to have many more Woodbadge patrol project trifolds for your use soon.

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