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School Night to Join Scouting

Volunteers from across the Tecumseh Council are working together on the 2018 School Night to Join Scouting program.  The efforts of one individual to provide a quality Scouting program can influence many young people and change an entire community.

Every boy and girl should be provided the opportunity to become a Scout. Every parent should have the opportunity to participate in Scouting with his or her child.  School Night is the most effective way to invite boys and their parents to join and become an integral part of our program. 

All boys and girls who join on School Night will receive a free pinewood derby kit. Additional kits can be purchased through the Scout Store.  All Cub Scouts have the opportunity to race their pinewood derby car at the Spook-O-Ree event at Camp Birch on October 20.  We will be conducting a Bobcat Badge boot camp during Spook-O-Ree with a Bobcat ceremony on Saturday night for all Cub Scouts that earn their Bobcat Badge between September 1 and October 20, 2018. You don’t want to miss this!

In addition, every youth that joins at School Night will receive a packet of information about all of our upcoming events and a Young’s Dairy certificate featuring over $25 in free food and activities for every Cub Scout. Young’s Dairy is a fabulous place to plan your first den meeting of the year.

Below is a checklist to help your pack hold a successful School Night to Join Scouting.

Preparing for a Successful School Night Recruitment

What the pack should do:

  1. Attend the school open house.
    • Have an eye-catching display
    • Be in uniform
    • Distribute parent information
    • Ask parents to fill out applications and sign up boys that night
  2. Contact all first-grade parents of boys and invite them to join.
  3. Promote the School Night recruiting date in school/PTO newspaper, website, Facebook page and bulletin board. Conduct the opening ceremony for the first PTO meeting of the year.
  4. If possible, have someone from your pack (who is an enthusiastic presenter) help your District Executive with the boy talk at school.
  5. Plan a short, exciting School night sign-up night.
    • Make sure a greeter is at the door welcoming new parents and boys (hand out application, Boy’s Life, store flyer & parents guide at this time)
    • Split boys and parents so the boys are doing a fun activity while the parents get information about the pack
    • Have every parent fill out the sign-in sheet and collect youth applications from all parents that evening (don’t let them walk out with the application)
    • Announce a date for the parents’ orientation meeting (should be no more than two weeks later…you’ve heard us say it’s a crazy night)
    • Submit registration forms for processing within 1-2 days of the school night.
  6. Attend Spook-O-Ree on October 19-21 and invite all of your new Cub Scouts – they will have a great Scouting experience right after joining.

What the council will do:

  1. Visit with school district superintendent to discuss the School Night plan.
  2. Along with District Membership Chairman, distribute School night materials at Program Preview and review plan.
  3. Deliver two sets of recruiting flyers to the school (1st = first week of school, 2nd = day of Boy Talk) along with posters.
  4. Schedule and conduct boy talks at the schools.
  5. Put up a yard sign with date, time and location at the school.
  6. Executives, district committee members and commissioners will assist with School Night recruitments and parents’ orientation meeting.
  7. Executives will coordinate with you to pick up youth and adult applications within 1-2 days of the school night.
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