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2014 Tecumseh Pinewood Derby Race Rules

2014 Tecumseh Pinewood Derby Rules.pdf

1. All cars entered shall be constructed from Official BSA Pinewood Derby Kit material. The car body, wheels and axles must be from an official BSA Pinewood Derby kit. This includes being able to use colored wheels and kits sold by Revell® Inc. under license by the Boy Scouts of America. If you purchase bodies, wheels or axles from non-BSA sources, you must ensure that the parts originated from an official BSA kit. You may add wood or combine kits to accent as long as it follows all of the other rules.

2. Wheels: The car must roll on the wheels from an Official licensed BSA Pinewood Derby kit. You may use colored wheels as long as they are BSA approved. The wheels must be attached directly to the axle and spin freely. THE WHEELS CAN NOT BE TRIMMED, SANDED, SHAPED, TRUED, MACHINED OR ALTERED IN ANY WAY. Very light sanding on the tread is permitted and painted, but you should just take out of the kit and use them. Do not shape the wheels. There is no limit to the number of wheel and axles you want to use as long as it follows the other rules.

3. Axles: You must use Official licensed BSA Pinewood Derby kit axles. You can sand, polish, bang or bend the axles anyway you want. Use of the axle slots is not required. You may drill holes to attach the axles and you may extend the stock wheelbase.

4. Axle/Wheel bushings or bearings are not permitted. Graphite or any other type of dry lubrication may be used between the wheel and body. You may also cone or shape the body as long as the wheel/body clearance remains. Do NOT modify or cone the wheels.

5. The car must have been made by the participating Scout during the current Scouting year

6. Weight: 5.00 ounces or less. The official scale is official. Please bring your own tools for car modification if necessary.

7 Length: 7 inches max. Width: 2.75 inches max. Clearance: 3/16 inches. Overall Height: 5 inches or height of the Timing Finishline.

8. Gravity powered. No power assist devices such as rubber bands or magnets.

9. No loose items that could fall off the car during the race are permitted.

10. No Liquid or oil type lubricants are allowed on the track. Only dry type or graphite is allowed.

11. No portion of the car may extend beyond the starting pole.

12. You are permitted to tweak or make any modification to your pack raced car to be entered in the council race.

If you have any questions or need any clarifications, please contact me.


Other awards of which we may add more later, will be voted on by everyone present at the races.

1. Most Innovative (something that is unique and different than any other car)

2. Most Creative

3. Most Realistic

4. Best Paint Job

*** If your pack has design awards matching the same 4 or similar, we are also giving you an automatic invite for these cars. If you have a top racer who also wins the award you will still have an extra ticket to give to perhaps the runner up or judge’s pick. It will be up to them if they want to race too, but they can compete in the Council design awards.

So to be clear you will have a minimum of the top three racers and 4 design invites to the Council.


Jason Jones

Tecumseh Council Pinewood Derby Coordinator

Pack 68 – Den #2 Leader

1626 Oakwood Trail

Xenia, Ohio 45385

937-427-8922 Home

937-414-0775 Cell


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