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Oct 13-14, 2018
NRA Basic Rifle and Instructor Course Pre-Qual
Oct 26, 2018
NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT)
Oct 27-28, 2018
NRA Rifle Instructor Training

Shooting Sports Training Sponsored by Venture Crew 71

Basic Rifle, and Rifle Instructor Courses

In an effort to enhance Shooting Sports in Tecumseh Council, Venture Crew 71 is continuing to sponsor and conduct training courses for certifications required by BSA to run the various shooting activities at Camp Birch and at unit, district and council levels throughout the council.  All BSA shooting activities must be supervised by properly certified people at approved facilities. Many Packs, Troops, and Venture Crews want to participate in appropriate shooting sports activities throughout the year.  We need properly certified adults to enable these activities. Cub Scouts are only allowed to shoot archery and/or BB guns at council sponsored events.  These events and all archery events must be supervised by BSA certified Range Masters age 18 or older.  Rifle, Pistol, and Shotgun ranges (including muzzle loading) must be supervised by NRA certified Range Safety Officers (RSO) and NRA/NMLRA Certified Instructors certified for the discipline being fired.  The RSOs and Instructors may not be the same person.  Venturers are allowed shoot handguns after successful completion of the NRA Basic Pistol course.

These courses are presented by NRA Certified Instructors, NRA Training Counselors, NRA Chief RSOs and BSA Certified Shooting Sports Directors.  All the courses will be held at Camp Birch.  All courses are open to registered Scouts, Venturers, and Scouters.  Participants from outside BSA will require approval of the instructors and will be charged up to an additional $25 per course. 

NRA Basic Courses, Basic Instructor Training (BIT) (within previous 2 years) and prequalification are prerequisites for NRA Instructor Courses.  The Basic, BIT, and Instructor courses are open to adults and youth age 14 or older.  Youth ages 14 thru 17 may become NRA Apprentice Instructors.  Youth ages 18 thru 20 may become NRA Assistant Instructors.  Only adults age 21 and older may become fully certified NRA Instructors or RSOs.  Only NRA Certified Instructors and RSOs may run BSA firearms ranges.  Apprentice and Assistant Instructors may assist and when they turn 21 they may become fully certified by a Training Counselor without having to repeat the appropriate instructor course.  Depending upon the response class sizes may have to be limited to 16 participants.

All courses will be held at BSA Camp Birch, 4023 Swimming Pool Rd., Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387.  Friday Classes will run from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM in the Training Lodge.  Saturday Classes will run from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM in the Training Lodge.  Sunday Classes will run from 1:00 PM to 6:00PM as necessary at the Range.

Advanced registration 2 Weeks before the course is necessary to allow us to acquire the required resources for the course.  Only register if you are planning to attend.  The Basic courses will be held if we have at least 8 participants. The Instructor courses require at least 6 participants. BIT will be held as needed.

To Register for any of these courses, contact Ray Blowers by E-mail at [Click for member's page], or Phone: (937) 429-2191

Payment will be by cash or check at the door.  NRA Instructor students will also be responsible for additional on-line fees of $20 to $50 (based upon certification type and NRA membership) for NRA certification after successful course completion. Participants should bring a sack lunch for all Saturday courses.  All venues are unheated so participants should dress accordingly.  All necessary supplies will be furnished for all courses.   Course offerings are described below. 


NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT)

This is the NRA Basic Instructor Training (BIT) course that is required no more than 2 years before, or during, any NRA Firearms Instructor course.  This course will be offered on Friday, 26 Oct 2018, beginning at 5:30 PM at a cost of $35 per participant for instructor candidates and will last untill 10:00 PM.

NRA Basic Rifle and Instructor Course Pre-Qual

 This is the NRA Basic Rifle Shooting course and is also a prerequisite for the NRA Pistol Instructor course.  The pre-qualification for the Pistol Instructor course will be included in this course.  This course will be offered on 13 – 14 Oct 2018at a cost of $85 per participant.  Basic participants will shoot furnished 22 cal pistols and ammunition.  This course includes familiarization with many kinds, calibers, and types of Rifles.

NRA Rifle Instructor Training

 This is the NRA Rifle Instructor course which if passed results in recommendation for certification as an NRA Rifle Instructor.  The NRA Basic Rifle Shooting course, BIT (within 2 years), and a level of shooting pre-qualification are pre-requisites for this course.  The instructor course pre-qualification will be accomplished during the Basic Rifle Course and/or finished during this course.  This course will be offered on 27 – 28 Oct 2018 at a cost of $90 per participant.

Special Package Rate – To incentivize folks to become certified NRA Rifle Instructors and support Tecumseh Council’s Shooting Sports Program, anyone taking all three courses will have a special package rate of $170 for all the courses.

Any certified instructors interested in helping with any of the courses contact Ray Blowers.

Lead Instructors/Training Counselors:

Pat Price, (937) 427-9310, [Click for member's page]

Ed Hess, (937) 427-0266,

Ray Blowers, (937) 429-2191, [Click for member's page]

D G Adams, (937) 206-1799, [Click for member's page] 

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