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Apr 17, 2020
NRA Instructor Instructor Training (BIT)
Apr 18, 2020
NRA Basic Pistol Course
Apr 18-19, 2020
NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Course

NRA Pistol Courses

The Tecumseh Council Shooting Sports Committee will hold NRA Instructor Instructor Training (BIT) (Friday), NRA Basic Pistol Course (Saturday) and NRA Pistol Instructor Course (Saturday evening and Sunday) April 17-19, 2020 at Camp Birch (4057 Swimming Pool Road, Yellow Springs, OH 45387).

NRA Basic Pistol (Sat) – Meets Ohio CCW application learning requirements.

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor Training (Friday), and NRA Pistol Instructor Course (Sat evening/Sun)

  • 15 seats available for the NRA Basic Pistol course
  • 8 seats available for the NRA Pistol Instructor Course (4 seats minimum to hold class).

NRA Instructor Instructor Training  (BIT) - Part 1 (* may be optional )

  • Friday, April 17th - 5pm -11pm (6 hours) – * BIT is required if previous NRA

Instructor course was more than 2 years ago, and you wish to attend the NRA Pistol Instructor Course.

NRA Training Counselor/Certified Instructor: DG Adams, [Click for member's page], 937-206-1799

Cost: $25

What to Bring: no firearms or ammunition needed, all materials provided.


NRA Basic Pistol Course

  • Saturday April 18th 8am – 5pm. (9 hours)

NRA Basic Pistol Instructor: DL Kaufman,, 937-536-7968

Cost: $50  (if a registered Venture Scout youth under 18 the cost is $35)

What to bring: Any Revolver/semi-auto pistol + #100 rounds of ammo (no reloads).

Camp .22LR pistols/ammo are available for $10. Course Materials provided. Bring a sack lunch/drink, Dress for Outdoor Range. NO AMMUNITION in the CLASSROOM

** NRA Instructor Pre-Qualifiying target score opportunity .

NRA Pistol Instructor Course (must be 21+ and a registered volunteer)

  • Saturday 6:30pm -10:30 pm, Sunday 9am-3pm (10 hours, with BIT 16 hours)

NRA Training Counselor/Certified Instructor: DG Adams, [Click for member's page], 937-206-1799

Cost: $125 ($150 out of council) - Not sure you need BIT? Ask DG

What to Bring: Any Revolver/semi-auto pistol + #200 rounds of ammo (no reloads).


Remaining Information for NRA Instrutor Candidates only

NRA Credentialing Fees – payable ONLINE only at NRA

All first time instructors, Coaches, and Range Safety Officers pay a flat credentialing fee of $60 for a 2 year term. Additional ratings can be added at a rate of $30 per rating and renewals are $60 for a 2 year term regardless of how many ratings are being renewed.

** NRA Members credentialing fees are $35 for a 2 year term and additional ratings can be added at $15 per rating.

NRA instructor certification is not available to any individual who has been convicted of a crime of violence, or who is prohibited by federal, state, or local law from possessing firearms.

For the NRA pistol certification, candidates must take the Basics of Pistol Shooting Instructor Led Training (ILT) prior to attending the instructor training.

To finalize the credentialing process, Training Counselors and/or Chief Range Safety Officers should ensure that candidates understand that they will need to wait 48 hours to log in at Candidates will be required to acknowledge the electronic disclaimer, pay their credentialing fee online, verify their contact information is correct and then print or download their certificate/ID card. This process must be completed within 30 days after the course report is submitted. They will not be able to perform in the capacity as an NRA Trainer until they finish this process. Training Counselors should inform potential instructor candidates that they must have a few things before they attend your course:

          1. An NRA number or existing NRA Instructor number.NOTE: Candidates may attend the course without an NRA number. However,non-members who are not yet instructors will have to wait for their non-memberinstructor number to be assigned and sent to them by email. This will happen AFTER they have been processed by NRA Training Department as long as the instructor course report is completed correctly. They should not contact NRAT raining Department for it. Once non-members receive their NRA non-member number they can register and complete processing. IF THEY JOIN DURING THE COURSE, they will also have to wait. Remember, membership before the course is most expedient!

          2. Access to some electronic device that they can use to log in to NRA

          3. A valid email address.

          4. Some method of printing or downloading credentials from


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