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Mar 18, 2017
Trainers Edge & Train the Trainer Training

The Fundamentals of Training and Trainer’s Edge Training Course

The Fundamentals of Training & The Trainer’s Edge Training Course

The Fundamentals of Training, is designed to help Scouters, regardless of their experience, present effective training. The course will also help those who might have trained for other organizations learn the BSA’s training techniques. And, it will help freshen up the skills of current BSA trainers. At the conclusion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the principles of how people learn.
  • Understand four primary methods of instruction used by the BSA.
  • Practice the BSA’s training techniques.

The  purpose  of  the  Trainer’s  EDGE  course  is  to  provide  and  help  develop  the  platform  skills  of a  trainer.  It  is  meant  to  supplement  the  practice  offered  through  Wood  Badge  and  NYLT  staff development,  with  a  focus  on  the  participant,  while  raising  the  level  of  skill  a  trainer  brings  to the  staff  experience.

Who should attend?  Wood Badge, NYLT, and ALL district and council training team members

When:  March 18, 2017 8 AM to 5 PM

Registration period is from 1 Jan 2017 to 4 March for a fee of $10.00.

Late registration is from 5 March to 16 March for a late registration fee of $15.00.

Where: ALEY UNITED METHODIST CHURCH, 4143 KEMP ROAD, Beavercreek, OH 45431

Cost: $10.00   (INCLUDES LUNCH) and of course you will have FUN!  This is a scouting event with your scouting friends!

Questions? Contact Pat Price at or 937-830-3696



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