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May 19, 2021
Popcorn Training
Aug 3, 2021
Popcorn Kickoff
Aug 4, 2021
Popcorn Kickoff
Aug 7, 2021
Popcorn Orders Due
Aug 20, 2021
Popcorn Sort
Aug 21, 2021
Popcorn Distribution
Sep 15, 2021
Popcorn Show & Sell Payment Due
Oct 17, 2021
Popcorn Return
Oct 18, 2021
Popcorn Return
Nov 5, 2021
Popcorn Sort
Nov 6, 2021
Popcorn Distribution
Nov 8, 2021
Popcorn Money Due
Dec 4, 2021
Popcorn Prize Orders Due

2021 Popcorn Sale

Popcorn Kickoff Open House

We will have an open house type kickoff at the Erwin Pavilion on August 3 & 4. We will have Young’s Ice Cream and bottles of water. When you attend this kickoff to pick up your packets and forms you also earn 2% more popcorn commission. Please remember to sign in. August 3 from 6:30 to 8 pm will be for Logan, Champaign and Clark Counties or Blue Jacket, Bullskin and Lagonda Districts. August 4 from 6:30 to 8 pm will be for Greene and Clinton County or Chillicothe and Robert E Hadley Districts. If for some reason the other night works best for you please email Jenny at and she can bring your packet to the night that works best for you. Jenny will be there to answer all of your popcorn questions. You can also turn in your popcorn order as they are due on August 7. We will also have samples of popcorn!

Popcorn Forms

Popcorn Calendar

  • April 21 - Unit Kernal Training 6:30 pm via Zoom
  • May 19 - Unit Kernal Training 6:30 pm via Zoom 
  • August 3 or 4 - Popcorn Kickoff Open House 6:30-8:00 pm in the Erwin Pavilion at Camp Birch
  • August 7 - Show & Sell Order form (order needs to be on council form) due to Jenny at
  • August 20 - Popcorn Distribution by appointment between 3 and 7 pm at Camp Birch in the Dining Hall
  • August 21 - Popcorn Distribution by appointment between 8 and 10 am at Camp Birch in the Dining Hall
  • August/September - Conduct individual unit popcorn kickoffs and sell popcorn
  • September 15 - Show & Sell Payment due for 2% bonus commission
  • October 17 - Popcorn Turn in Day 1 – Popcorn may be returned from 1 to 4 pm in the Dining Hall at Camp Birch
  • October 18 - Popcorn Turn in Day 2 – Popcorn may be returned from 3:30 to 7 pm in the Dining Hall at Camp Birch. All popcorn must be returned to Camp on either October 17 or 18. Absolutely no popcorn will be taken after October 18, 2021.
  • October 23 - Popcorn Sale ends -Popcorn take order form (order needs to be on council form) due to office, online or email to
  • November 5 - Popcorn Distribution by appointment at Camp Birch in the Dining Hall
  • November 6 - Popcorn Distribution by appointment at Camp Birch in the Dining Hall

On or Before

  • November 8 - All popcorn money is due to Council Office
  • December 4 - Final day to turn in all prize orders and forms! All prize orders must be on Council forms. Free Camp forms and Rosters due to Jenny at High Achiever form due. Late submissions will not be honored by Tecumseh Council.

Prize orders will not be released until popcorn bill is paid in full.

Popcorn Incentives

  • Prizes from Kellar Marketing
  • Each Scout who sells $ 400 online will receive a $10 Amazon gift card
  • Each Scout who sell $100 in Military donations will receive a Military U. S. Navy donation patch
  • $750 club -Choice of one; Adventure duffle bag with BSA branding, Foam Strike Switchblade Boomerang or LEGO Friends Olivia’s Electric Car
  • $1,200 – Earn two tickets to a special screening of a Movie (to be decided) for Scout & a Parent in December 2021.All Scouts attending the movie will be entered into a drawing for a game system
  • $2,100 – Free Summer Camp Week at Camp Birch
  • $3,000– New Camping Package or Visa Debit cards for 5% of total Sales
  • Base commission is 25%. Additional commission add ons:
    • 2% - Earn Bonus commission if representatives from unit attend the Zoom Unit Kernal training on April 21 or Unit Kernal Training on May 19
    • 2% - Earn Bonus commission if Unit kernel or designee attends the Council Popcorn Kickoff/Pickup, August 4 or 5
    • 2% - Earn Bonus commission if unit pays for 50% of Show & Sell invoice by September 15, 2021
    • 4% -Earn Bonus commission if unit returns less than 10% of the show & sell popcorn taken and pays for entire part of popcorn sold for show & sell as well as popcorn kept for take order by October 23
    • 2% - Earn Bonus commission if unit pays for take order popcorn invoice on or before November 6
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