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Jan 29-31, 2021
Northern Tier Klondike Derby

2021 Northern Tier Klondike Derby

Blue Jacket, Bullskin Trail, Lagonda Districts - Tecumseh Council #439

2021 Northern Tier Klondike Derby

Winter Outdoor Skills Competition!  January 30, 2021

This is a traditional scouting outdoor skills competition.  Each patrol must bring a traditional Klondike sled with a patrol flag. Patrols will load the sled with equipment needed to complete the competitions. Patrol members will act as drivers and sled dogs to navigate the sled events.   

When: Saturday January 30, 2020

Where: Camp Hugh Taylor Birch, Yellow Springs Ohio

Who:     Scout Troops, Venture Crews, Explorer Posts. Units from other Districts or Councils are welcome.

Registration:      Units may register from November 23 to January 27 online.

Units who register at the event are subject a late fee.  Check in will be in the Turner Building. Units may check in on Friday night between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM or on Saturday Morning between 7:30 Am to 8:30 AM.  Due to Covid 19 restrictions, only one member of each unit may enter the building.

Fees:     Online registration $15.00 per participant, late onsite registration $17.00 per participant.

Schedule:            Check in                                               7:30 – 8:45 AM

                                Opening                                               9:00 AM

                                Events                                                  9:15 AM – 12:00 PM

                                Lunch                                                    12:00 – 1:00 PM (units provide their own lunch)

                                Events                                                   1:00 – 3:00 PM

                                Sled Race                                            3:30 PM

                                Closing awards ceremony             4:00 PM              


Like Klondike’s all over the USA, this Klondike Derby is a traditional camporee format.  Each unit is asked to send one or two adults to assist with one event station during the competition.  Unless a unit is hosting an event, set up, equipment, materials and program and scoring information will be provided by the event staff.  You may contact or text 937 505-7207 for more information or to make advanced arrangement’s to host an event.  All volunteers are very much appreciated.            

Please prepare for all possible weather conditions.  Tennis shoes/sneakers should never be worn to winter activities. 

All participants should have proper hats, gloves, coats etc.  Participants will be outdoors all day.

Camping is encouraged. Units may reserve sites/cabins by contacting the Council Office.

Everyone should have a face covering and observe standard Covid 19 precautions.


Flag Raising – Parade Field - First event for all patrols.

Patrols must erect a flag pole with the patrol flag using a minimum of three scout staves with lashings, recite the scout law and oath as a group, and take down the pole before moving on to other stations.  Patrols provide materials.

Marksmanship – Rifle Range

Your patrol will test marksmanship skills on the rifle range.

Fire Building – Training Lodge

Patrols will have the choice of starting a fire with flint and steel, 2 wooden matches or a bow drill. Patrols must provide natural wood or plant based starter material and kindling to build a fire and burn a twine string. Plan carefully. Patrol shall supply water to extinguish the fire.

Ice Rescue – Archery Range Shelter

The patrol must rescue a victim stranded on the ice.  Due to unstable Ice and Artic Sharks no patrol members will be allowed on the ice.  Patrols may use any method of rescue they choose as long as they stay off the ice. Patrols provide rope for rescue.

Dead Man’s Pass – Kiwanis Lodge

You must get your patrol must cross a ravine one scout at a time.  Scouts must tie a bowline around their waist and cross the ravine while a patrol member holds the end of the rope. Patrols provide rope for crossing.

First Aid – Aquatics Shelter

Your sled has crashed and one patrol member is injured. Your patrol must construct an A frame sled and transport the injured member to a first aid station. Patrols provide staves for A frame, ropes for lashing, first aid supplies such as triangle bandages and blanket.

Lumber Mans Log Pull – Erwin Pavilion

Patrols must move a log using a timber hitch through a course. Patrols provide rope.

Knots and Such – Nature Lodge Porch

Patrols will be tested on knot skills by using one piece of rope to tie all the basic knots at one time. Patrols provide rope

Log Saw – Council Ring

                Patrols must use a two man saw to cut slabs from a log.  Saw is provided.

Polar Bear Lasso - Shotgun Shelter

Patrols must tie a lasso on one a rope and capture a rogue polar bear. Each patrol member gets one turn. Patrol provides rope.

Great Race – Dining Hall

All patrols/crews will compete in a race to the finish line. Sleds must not have wheels during the race.

There will not be a sled inspection. Patrols should be prepared. Refer to the events above for materials patrols must provide.  You may bring additional items not on this list that may be needed to accomplish the events listed.

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