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Dec 4, 2021
College of Commissioner Science

College of Commissioner Science

Please join us for an exciting and rewarding Tecumseh Council College of Commissioners Science on December 4, 2021 at Dayton Kroc Center (1000 N Keowee St, Dayton, OH 45404). The cost is $30 and includes boxed lunch, awards, commissioning and a patch. Registration is being taken online until December 3.

Anyone from any council is welcome to this college. 

All of the curricula for this year’s college are recently new or rewritten courses that are now more aligned with current commissioner service functions.

The College is a live in-person event. COVID precautions will be taken as needed, but we anticipate a return to normal in every way. 

Join us to hear our Special Guest Speaker 

Bruce Boyle
Territory Commissioner
National Service Territory #9 


Bachelor's/Round Table/ Doctorate Tracks  

Masters Track/ Round Table

You can mix and match courses or stick to a specific track. 

The College of Commissioner Science

is a continuing education experience in a college environment designed to help commissioners keep up to date with the newest training materials and problem-solving techniques to better help units deliver a quality Scouting program. All Commissioners should attend this nationally recognized program. There are Bachelor's, and Master's Degrees that can be earned. All can benefit from courses offered by the continuing education college.

Prerequisite: Basic Commissioner Training. You may access this training online at my.scouting.orgExternal Link

Why do Commissioners Need the College?

The mission of the commissioner is to help the unit succeed and the way to accomplish this mission is through education and practical learning experiences. Just as every Scout deserves a trained leader, every unit deserves a trained commissioner!

A trained commissioner is an effective commissioner. Training materials are being updated on a routine basis. Therefore, to stay up to date, commissioners should view learning as an important part of their entire scouting lives.

Even though updated training materials are available on the BSA Commissioner Training web page, holding a college gives commissioners the opportunity for interaction with other commissioners, and a better understanding of the material during a group discussion.

The college provides an in-depth knowledge of the essential aspects of the commissioner’s duties and responsibilities. The final result is a stronger and more knowledgeable commissioner corps serving units.

The College offers the opportunity to:

  • Learn the information essentials to provide the best service to scouting units
  • Provide fellowship amongst the commissioner corps
  • Reinforce and expand on the lessons learned during previous training
  • Provide updates on commissioner service and scouting
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