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Oct 2, 2021
BSA Range Master Course

BSA Range Master Course

BSA Required training to run a Cub Scout BB/Archery Range at Council Events

- Must complete BSA YPT

- Complete BSA Scout Registration

- Repeat the course every 2 years to stay current.

When: 9am to 1pm, Oct 2nd, 2021

Where: Camp Birch – Erwin Pavilion (next to the Turner Bldg)

Cost: $0 – but you MUST register online

Instructor: John DeWeese, BSA National Camp School Shooting Sports Director

Syllabus – Scouts BSA Shooting Sports Manual – 

Pages 67-94 (helpful to have printed or electronic copy)

Sponsored by Tecumseh Council and the Tecumseh Council Shooting Sports Committee.

Questions: DG Adams, Shooting Sports Chair, 937-206-1799 [Click for member's page]

The Shooting Committee is always looking for Adults interested in getting NRA/USAA/BSA Training to support the Scouting Program on the Shooting Ranges.  Let DG Know if you would like a unit level Rifle, Shotgun, Pistol, Archery (basic to Instructor level available), Range Safety Officer, or BSA Range Master training (5 people minimum).

Future Training: Sponsored by Tecumseh Council & Shooting Sports Comm. – exact dates TBA

NRA Basic-to-Instructor RIFLE Weekend Late Fall/Winter of 2021

NRA Basic-to-Instructor SHOTGUN Weekend Winter 2021/Spring 2022

NRA Basic-to-Instructor MUZZLE LOADER RIFLE Weekend – Summer 2022

NRA Basic Pistol – Online Training + in-person 2 hour shooting Late Fall/Winter 2021 (Spring 2022)

NRA Basic Pistol – Saturday Training + in-person 2 hour shooting Late Fall/Winter 2021 (Spring 2022)

USAA Archery Instructor - Saturday Late Fall/Winter of 2021 (Spring 2022)

BSA Range Master – Late Spring/Summer 2022

Note: BSA Range Master Training is only applicable to COUNCIL RUN EVENTS as Shooting Sports are not Cub Scout unit level activities.

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