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Mar 25, 2020
COPE Director Training Orientation
Apr 4-5, 2020
COPE Director Training
Apr 18-19, 2020
COPE Director Training

Tecumseh Council COPE Director Training

The COPE Level II Training Kick-off Meeting on 3/25 and Training on 4/4-5 has been canceled. The COPE Training  scheduled on 4/18-19 at Camp Birch is still on as of now. This is subject to change so watch for the council updates, the blast, etc, If you have any questions contact Rich Diesslin at Thanks!

We are running a local COPE director training program at Camp Birch. COPE stands for Challenging Outdoor Personal Experience and is also known as the low challenge and high ropes courses. This training will allow you to be on the cope staff at Camp Birch and run scout and other groups through the fun team building of low cope, the confidence building fun of the high ropes course, and run the climbing tower.

Tentative times for both weekends are:

   1 - Skills Assessment and Orientation meeting: Wednesday 3/25 (6-9pm)
        at the Adams Building at Camp Birch

   2 - Sat/Sun: 4/4 and 4/5 (9am-6pm) at the Tower, Low or High COPE (Cargil Pavilion & Martin Cabin)

   3 - Sat/Sun: 4/18 and 4/19 (9am-6pm) at the Tower, Low or High COPE (Cargil Pavilion & Martin Cabin)

The fee will be $20 for drinks and snacks (bring cash or check to orientation class) and other class items. You will need to bring a sack lunch for each Saturday/Sunday sessions.

This will be what national calls a full, local COPE "level II" (or local level 2) training for 21 y.o. and older.  We may have room for some older scouts (15 years and up) who can work on IIT and "level I" instructor but it will depend on availability. We can train about 10 people and priority will be given to adults and summer camp staff.

There will be some actual On-The-JOB (OTJ) training required to complete your training beyond these two weekends. The reason is the more times running it, the better and we have to verify everyone's skill levels and the more confidence new instructors/directors will have in running them. 

Please confirm your participation in the course (just email Rich at so we can plan around the number of people. I need to know: name, age, and unit.

Instructors for the course will be: Rich Diesslin, Heath Riesenbeck, Matt Kuntz, Hunter Marks and some others who want to renew their local training and assist.



Rich Diesslin