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Jan 10, 2020
Chocolate Sale - Orders Due
Jan 30, 2020
Chocolate Sale - Chocolate Arrives
Feb 3, 2020
Chocolate Sale - Chocolate Pick Up
Mar 7, 2020
Chocolate Sale - Money Due

Chocolate Sale

Every element of Tecumseh Council – the Packs, the Troops, the Crews -- works very hard to  provide a high-quality program that the scouts deserve. Not only does it require enthusiasm and dedication, but often it requires funding

Among other things, funding pays for the trips, the campouts, the badges, the stickers and the books. For many, this time of year can be especially tight financially. Also, there’s never going to be the “right time” for a fee increase, so when it occurs, Scouts and their families, leaders and the Council, have to find a way to roll over that bump in the road, work together, and continue driving forward into a better future.

We feel that we have found a solution, and are pleased to announce that Tecumseh Council will be partnering with World’s Finest Chocolate for a Spring Fundraiser! This is a great opportunity for each and every Scout to sell boxes of chocolate, then use the profits to finance things such as their registration, camp fees, and so on. For example, by selling just two (2) boxes of chocolate bars, the Scout will practically cover their registration fee for the entire year --  and anything beyond that can be used to support the youth and their units’ Scouting Adventure! 

Besides, who doesn’t like chocolate?!?!

Order Form


  • Units will earn 50% commission on all sales, with the remainder used to pay for the products sold.
  • Unit Cost per Case: $30    Sale Price per Case: $60    Unit Profit per Case: $30

Return Policy 

  • Product is provided on a consignment basis. ONLY unopened cases may be returned by the Unit, and must be returned by March 7. After that date it is considered sold to the Unit.

Scout Prizes 

  • Sell 2 boxes and you’ll receive your EVENT PATCH.
  • For every box you sell, you receive a SCRATCH CARD (a winner every time!) for GREAT PRIZES.
  • One box will secretly have a GOLDEN TICKET, which will provide one Scout with FREE camp fees to be used at Camp Hugh Taylor Birch.

Unit Leader Prize

  • If your UNIT has 50% sales participation (or higher), you’ll come to the Unit Leader Dinner where we you will be be entertained by the Illusionist, Drew Murray and also enjoy a great catered dinner!

Consumer Prize

  • Each item sold includes a FREE 30 day membership to the $20 value coupon app

Important Dates

  • JANUARY 10 – Orders Due
  • JANUARY 30 – Chocolate Arrival
  • FEBRUARY 3 – Chocolate Pick Up
  • FEBRUARY 3 to MARCH 7 – Chocolate Sale!
  • MARCH 7 – ALL MONEY DUE (Scratch cards handed out with money turn in)
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