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Feb 9, 2019
Blue Jacket, Bullskin Trail & Lagonda Merit Badge
Feb 23, 2019
Blue Jacket, Bullskin Trail & Lagonda Merit Badge Trail Drive #2
Mar 9, 2019
Blue Jacket, Bullskin Trail & Lagonda Merit Badge Trail Drive #3

Northern Tier Merit Badge Trail Drive

The 2019 Northern Tier Merit Badge Trail Drive for Blue Jacket, Bullskin Trail, and Lagonda Districts will be held February 9, 23, and March 9 from 7:30 am to 12:30 pm (snow day TBA) at Northeastern High School (1480 Bowman Rd, Springfield, OH 45502). The cost is $7 per Scout, and registration must be completed online by January 31. 

2019 NT MBTD Schedule.pdf

Additional fees: Some merit badges require additional material/kit fees.


DO NOT include with Trail Drive fees.

The class offering has expanded to make the class sizes smaller.

I will try to place Scouts in sessions with their Troop members, if possible.

Opening Ceremony      7:30 am (1st day – volunteers needed)

Class #1           8:00 am            -           9:25 am

 Class #2          9:30 am           -           10:55 am

 Class #3          11:00 am           -           12:25 pm

Closing Ceremony       12:30 pm (last day – volunteers needed)

Questions? Please Contact D.L. Kaufman at or 937-536-7968


Please See the Council Website to Register

1. Once the Session is full it will close on the Council site;

.Emergency Preparedness and First Aid:

  • You MUST complete First Aid for Tenderfoot -> First Class, before starting MB.
  • You MUST have First Aid MB completed by the end of the Emergency Prep MB.
  1. Please start Blue Cards for Scouts in your Troop.
  • Please TURN-IN the BLUE CARDS to the registration table on the 1st day. Along with a Self addressed envelope
  • ALL Blue Cards will be returned to the Unit Leader (call DL Kaufman if you need it sooner).

ATTENTION If you would like to be a MB counselor or know someone who would be available please have them contact DL Kaufman at or call 937-536-7968


  1. It is the Scout’s responsibility to complete all requirements (before/after).
  1. Additional MB time may be required for some merit badges - counselors will advise.
  1. MB Counselors are not obligated to counsel Scouts AFTER the event.
  2. Final MB standings will not be updated AFTER they are made available to Scout Masters / Unit Leaders and the Council.
  3. Every effort will be made to give each Scout his preferred choice of classes, but REMEMBER FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED.

Merit Badge classes with Pre-Requirements (if not listed there are no pre-req.)

  1. Cit. In Community - #3a, 4b, 7c
  1. Cit. In Nation- #2, 3
  2. Cit. In World- #3b, 7
  3. Communication- #5, 8, 9
  4. Fire Safety- #6 (bring to class), #11
  5. First Aid- #2b, (Scout -> 1st Class 1st Aid Req. finished)
  6. Emerg. Preparedness- #7, Must have 1st Aid MB & #8c by 02/09/18
  7. Graphic Arts- Possible site visit
  8. Electronics - Electronics kit fee $5-10, bring soldering irons
  9. 10.Electricity- Possible material fee
  10. 11.Public Speaking-#1, #4 (outline only)
  11. 12.Person Mgt.- will be emailed to unit leader
  12. 13.American Heritage- 1 & 3a (bring an article)

Important Information

Coffee and Tea will be available in the cafeteria for Scout Masters, Unit Leaders and MBC/staff.  Bring your own cups to keep the cost down.

Leader Training will also be available all 3 weeks.

Boy Scout leader Training weeks 1 and 2

Cub Scout leader training week 3

The concession stand (run by the SV Boosters) will be open for Scouts to buy snacks if desired.

  • Attendance does not mean participation.
  • Homework may be chosen to confirm active participation in some MB's.
  • Scouts turn homework in with NAME/TROOP on every page.
  • Walk-in’s or MB changes - it is YOUR responsibility to get on the MBC roster for that class.
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