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Mar 10, 2018
Scouting for Food Bag Drop Off
Mar 17, 2018
Scouting for Food Pick Up

2018 Scouting for Food

Scouting for Food is almost upon us!  We drop off door hangers on Saturday, March 10 and pick up food donations on Saturday, March 17.  This is the only Council-wide service project that Tecumseh Council does.  It’s time to show some Council, District, Unit and Scouting Spirit!!  Invite your youth members and their families and adult leaders to participate.  The more, the merrier and the lighter the work.

This year we are using door hangers instead of the bags we have used in the past.  Make sure you hang them on doors, NOT mailboxes – that is against the law!  Don’t forget that you can ask the chartered organization if they will collect food over the next few weeks to be counted in your total as well.  And, if you place a barrel somewhere, that’s fine.

Ask your District Executive who your District Contact person is if you do not already know. Your District Scouting For Food Chairman will help you get the door hangers, and will help you coordinate the area you are going to serve. In addition, after all your food is collected on the 17th, you will contact your Scouting For Food Chairman and report how many items your unit collected.

On the hanger, there is a place for you to write a contact person from your unit and their phone number or email address on the door hanger.  That way, if you miss someone, they can call you directly.  Please use this feature.  A sharpie is the best writing implement to use.  Ball point pens, etc. rub right off.  Or you can label them.

You can count the food items that you collect, drop them off to the nearest food pantry, and report the number of items collected to your Scouting for Food Chair on Saturday, March 17.

All units should plan to participate.

Do not forget to report your service hours to Good Turn of America once you are done. 

Please call your Scouting For Food Chairman or your District Executive if you have questions! 

The Council Staff Advisor for Scouting For Food is Chris Lundquist. Feel free to contact him as well at 937-479-1886.


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