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May 18-20, 2018
Cub Scout Family Bash

Help Needed at Family Bash

Cub Scout Family Bash is May 19 at Camp Birch. Below are some descriptions of the events that we will be needing help with. This is a great service hours opportunity for volunteers from Boy Scout Troops to work so they can earn service hours for their rank, troop, and school. If you would like to volunteer for a morning or evening shift please inform Christine Sabin at [Click for member's page] or Bryan Spink at [Click for member's page]. All materials will be supplied for the events. Hope to see you there!

Laser Room

                Staff Needed:  Minimum of 2 Dressed in black so as to not distract

                Materials Needed:  Iridescent tape or string and black lights

                Description:  String is set up as if they are laser beams.  Participants go over and under trying not    to touch the “beams”.  


Break It

                Staff Needed:  1

                Materials Needed: Paper and Pencils

                Description:  A code will be on the paper the participants will be given a clue as to how to break the code and then continue to do so.


Make It

                Staff Needed: 1

                Materials Needed: Paper and Pencils

                Description: After being shown different types of codes the participants will make up their own code and give it to a friend to decipher.


Take It

                Staff Needed:  1

                Materials Needed: Paper or Leather Circles, Smaller Paper Circles, and Brads

                Description:  Participants will make a decoder ring to take home with them


Spy Name

                Staff Needed:  1 or 2

                Materials Needed:  Either Name Tags or Paper and Name tag sleeves

                Description: Based on birth month, first initial, and shirt color participants will generate a Spy Secret Identity.


Kim’s Game

                Staff Needed: 2

                Materials Needed:  Various camping gear items

                Description:  Participants will be shown items for 30 seconds to a minute and will then have to try to list everything that is there.


King Story

                Staff Needed: 1 adult and multiple youth

                Materials Needed:  Small Flower pots for the youth, and fake flowers for all but one

                Description:  Adult is the king he is looking for an heir he gives the youth a seed. The one who grows the most beautiful flower becomes the heir.  One (story) year later all the flower pots have beautiful flowers except one the one who has the empty pot becomes heir.  Why? If participants can’t figure it out they are then given the answer.  The seeds were rotten the empty one is the only one who didn’t cheat.



                Staff Needed:  2

                Material Needed:  Paper, pencils, and tape

                Description:  Use the pencil to scribble on the paper.  Participants will rub fingers in the scribble and then put the tape on their fingers and place tape on paper fingerprints will now be on tape and paper.


Obstacle Course

                Staff Needed:  Minimum 2

                Materials Needed:  Anything for an obstacle course

                Description:  Participants will work their way through the obstacle course.


Hide and Seek

                Staff Needed:  2-4

                Materials Needed:  Cardboard boxes made to look like buildings

                Description:  Participants will use the buildings to hide as one person seeks.


Magnifying Glass Fire Building

                Staff Needed: 2

                Materials Needed:  Magnifying glass and rope shreds

                Description:  Participants will attempt to use the magnifying glass to start a fire.


Bounce House(s)

                Staff Needed:  2 per bounce house

                Materials Needed:  Bounce House(s)

                Description:  Not sure how many the camp has so set up the bounce house(s) and participants have fun bouncing.


Invisible Ink Messages

                Staff Needed:  2

                Materials Needed:  Paper, white crayons, paint brushes, and water color paint

                Description:  Participants will write a message on the paper using the white crayons.  They will then precede to use the water color paint over top of the message the paint will not adhere to the wax and the message will appear.


Spy Gear Demo

                Staff Needed:  2

                Materials Needed:  Various Spy gear (binoculars, decoders, etc.)

                Description:  Participants will get to play with and demo the various gear.


Giant Clue

                Staff Needed:  6

                Materials Needed:  Shirts colored:  Red, Blue, Purple, Green, White, and Yellow

                Description:  Participants will be given information just as if they’re playing the actual game of clue.

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