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Apr 21-23, 2017
Council Spring Camporee

2017 Tecumseh Council Camporee

Outdoor Survival: Roughing It For Fun


2017 Tecumseh Council Spring Camporee Leaders Guide ver4.pdf


The 2017 Tecumseh Council Camporall will be held on April 21 to 23 at Camp Birch.  The theme of this Camporall is outdoor survival.  We hope that Scouts that participate in this Camporall will understand the skills the in a new world.  


Date:  April 21-23, 2017

Location:  Camp Birch, 4057 Swimming Pool Road, Yellows Springs, OH

Friday night after check it will be an Ultimate Frisbee competition led by the Order of the A .

  Following the Saturday morning opening ceremony, the Scouts will be assigned initial events to attend in a “shot gun” start.  After attending their first event they may go to the activities in any order for the remainder of the day, but they must stay as a patrol.  The whole idea of this Camporall is to experience Wilderness Survival challenges along with some friendly competition thrown in for fun.



Registration is through the Council Office Online registration.

  Cost for all Scouts and leaders is $15.00 each for registrations before April 7.  After 5:00 pm April 7, that the fee will be $25.00.   These fees include camping and Saturday’s lunch.

***The first 100 registered Scouts will receive a partial survival kit to complete (Emergency Whistle - 20’ Paracord - Mini Lighter - Water Purification Tablets and 1qt bag,- Firestarting Tabs-Emergency Foil Mylar Blanket, ) 

Each unit is asked to support the Camporall by providing at least one volunteer to help staff the various events.  If enough volunteers come forward the amount of time spent volunteering will likely be limited to only half a day on Saturday.  Contact Kevin Knepp at [Click for member's page] to learn more about what events are available for volunteers and to submit volunteer names.


Campsites are included in the cost of the “Roughing It for the Fun of It” Camporee. Boy Scouts Troops  will be assigned a campsite based on the size of unit. If your unit desires to spend the night in a Cabin we understand, but would like to encourage you to camp so that the scouts in your troop can get the most out of the “Roughing It for the Fun of It” Camporee. If you do however decide to spend the night in a cabin, cabins will be discounted by $60 for any unit participating in the “Roughing It for the Fun of It” Camporee   Derby. In order to receive the discount, Cabin reservations must be made by contacting Karen Vance at 937-325-6449x102

**Money will not be refunded for units who book cabins online.


Troops will be able to bring their troop trailers in the Wednesday and Thursday before the Camporall.  Troops will be notified of their campsite assignment the week prior to the Camporall.  Parking will be at a premium.  It is HIGHLY ENCOURAGED to carpool and limit the number of vehicles required for transportation this weekend.  Check in at the Turner Building front entrance Friday from 1 to 9pm.  Saturday late check in from 7:30-8:30 am will be at the Information Booth located near the dining hall.  Lost and Found will be at the Information Booth throughout the Camporall.

To ALL Adult Leaders:

We need your participation and help to truly make this a great “Roughing It for the Fun of It” Camporee  !!  All units will be required to provide a volunteer to assist with an event


Scouts and leaders are expected to appear at Saturday’s opening flag ceremony and Saturday evening’s campfire in full Scouting uniform. 

Camping Equipment and Clothing

Reference Scout handbook


Each scout- personal survival kit.  20 ft of 550 paracord

Patrol – Compass, items for requirement 7 of Wilderness Survival MB, 3 different methods (other than matches) to build a fire, a sewing needle

What Not To Bring:

Unit adult advisors, we need your help to ensure that none of these items (listed below) are brought to the “Roughing It for the Fun of It” Camporee  . Please look over this list carefully and make sure your unit does not bring these items.

Fireworks of any kind

Pets of any kind

Air Horn Generators or other noise generating devices of any kind

Electronics (except for cameras and cell-phones)

Sheath Knives

Above items observed by camp staff, will be collected and returned to the unit adult advisors at the end of the “Roughing It for the Fun of It” Camporee  . A Scout Is Obedient.

Camporee Patches and Awards:

Awards and plaques for Patrols finishing 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Gateway Award  ( see Gateway addendum)

Lost Person(s)

Lost persons should be reported to the Camp HQ as soon as practical. Camp Safety Director will notify the appropriate unit leader and make the necessary determination whether to begin a limited search or to immediately call the Greene County Sheriffs Department for support.

In no cases should Scouts be allowed to search for others alone.


Unit leaders are expected to inspect their campsite. They will look for safety concerns such as: improper storage of fuels, leaking, loose, or improper fuel fittings, tripping and/or climbing hazards, proper control of axe yards and proper storage and use of axe yard tools, proper use of grease pits, proper storage of foods and cleanliness.


Water will be available at camp

Garbage and Trash:

You must haul out all garbage and trash from your unit when you leave the “Roughing It for the Fun of It” Camporee  . Bring plastic bags and or garbage cans. Leave no garbage or trash (including food scraps) on the ground at the “Roughing It for the Fun of It” Camporee site.

Campsite Inspections:

Campsites will not be inspected this year. Remember a clean and neat campsite provides a safe and happy campout.

Health and Safety

A registered nurse will be on duty at the 1st Aid Lodge during the Camporall.  All unit leaders should ensure they have up-to-date health forms for all individuals attending the Camporall.  The camp’s “Emergency Procedures” will be adhered to.  These will be made available via the internet and upon check in.

Lunch will be served on Saturday.  Any food allergies or concerns should be reported to Kevin Knepp as soon as possible.  Only camp staff and medical vehicles will be permitted driving privileges during the weekend of the Camporall.  No other vehicles other than small personal golf cart/utility type handicap vehicles will be permitted.  There will not be handicap vehicles available from the camp for loan.  Individuals will need to provide their own small golf cart/utility type handicap vehicle if their individual needs require it.

Tobacco Policy:

The use of tobacco is not allowed within Camp Birch. Adults, who must partake in tobacco products, are requested to Use their vehicles.  It will be hard to follow the camp policy  of smoking “out of view of any youth” for this event.

Check-Out Procedures:

Please ensure your campsite is clean.

Tear down your campsite, remove all trash and debris, disassemble any pioneering projects, and patrol your site. Self inspect your campsite and send word to HQ that your campsite is ready. Once everything is completed, your Troop is free to go but have your Scoutmaster stop by the McMillan to turn in a Thorns and Roses and a suggested them for next years event.






We know that different troops handle their programs in different ways. However, when you’re at the Council Camporall , we all have to live close together under some common rules. To make this a pleasant experience for everyone, we’ve listed the Camporall  Safe Haven Rules. Please take some time prior to  arriving at the Camporall to have your Senior Patrol Leader review these with your Scouts:



1.   The Camporall follows all points found in The Guide To Safe Scouting. Discipline is to be handled by unit leaders in charge. If a troop has any questions about this, please ask theCamporall Chairman.

2.   An atmosphere of respect and consideration for others needs to be promoted and exemplified by all adult and junior leaders.

3.   All language used at the Camporall must follow the 11th and 12th Points of the Scout Law.

4.   Scouts are never to enter anyone else’s campsite without being invited.

5.   Scouts are not allowed to leave their campsites after the designated “in camp” time each night, except for kybo trips. Adults and Scouts must adhere to the Lights Out and All Quiet times each evening. This consideration for others is especially important when troops are camped close to each other as they are here. Scouts that roam the area at night or are in “ninja” clothing will be escorted back to their Scout Master by the Camporall Chairman.

6.   We ask that no adult or Scout arise before 7:00 a.m., but we know that’s not always possible. Adults and Scouts arising before 7:00 a.m. in the mornings must talk in whispers, not make any noise that will disrupt neighbors, and stay in their own campsite except for kybo trips.

7.   Competition must always be conducted with Scout Spirit.

8.   Inappropriate troop or patrol yells should not be used at any time during the Camporall . The Camporall Chairman will notify a Scoutmaster if this is in question with his/her unit.

9.   Nothing is to be thrown while at the Camporall, including fir cones, rocks, sticks, or anything else, unless in an event approved by the Camporall  staff.

10.  The uniform makes the Boy Scout troop visible as a force for good and creates a positive youth image in the community. Boy Scouting is an action program, and wearing the uniform is an action that shows each Boy Scout’s commitment to the aims and purposes of Scouting. The uniform gives the Boy Scout identity in a world brotherhood of youth who believe in the same ideals. The uniform is practical attire for Boy Scout activities and provides a way for Boy Scouts to wear the badges that show what they have accomplished.

11. Campfire etiquette calls for silence upon entering the campfire bowl until prompted otherwise by the Master of Ceremonies, and be quiet upon leaving. Adult leaders should be interspersed among their troops to maintain discipline. Flashlights must not be used during the campfire. Please confiscate your Scouts’ flashlights or laser pointers if they are being used during the campfire, then return them afterward. Make sure that your Scouts are practiced in raising their hands in the silent signal for “attention!”

12. Since the purpose of the Camporall is not to entertain, we expect troops to manage their free time.  Please ensure that free time activities are positive contributions to the weekend program.


13. Webelos Scouts will be visiting and/or camping overnight. We ask all adults and all Scouts to make this a positive experience for the Webelos. What they see here will be a “picture” of Scouting in their minds. Will they want to become a Boy Scout after experiencing the Camporall. We hope so!








06:00-09:00 Registration -  Camporee Night Ultimate (Frisbee)

11:00 Quiet Time


07:00 Reveille

07:00-08:30 Late Registration

09:00 Flags (Flag Poles)

09:30-12:00 Morning Events

12:00-01:00 LUNCH Provided by camporee

01:00-04:30 Afternoon Events

5:00  Flag Ceremony

5:30-7:30 DINNER

7:30-08:00  Scouts own service

8:00-10:00 Council Camporee Campfire

11:00 Quiet Time


07:00 Reveille

07:00-09:00 BREAKFAST

10:00-12:00 Depart Camp Turn in Thorns/Roses and Suggested themes for the next great camporee!



Scout’s are reverent and thus encouraged to attend Scouts Own Service.  Units may have a Scouts own service by attending a service on Saturday or Sunday at the event or at home unit.



Please ensure your campsite is clean.

Tear down your campsite, remove all trash and debris, disassemble any pioneering projects, and patrol your site. Self inspect your campsite and send word to HQ that your campsite is ready. Once everything is completed, your Troop is free to go but have your Scoutmaster stop by the McMillan.



To ALL Adult Leaders:

We need your participation and help to truly make this a great “Roughing It for the Fun of It” Camporee  !!  All units will be required to provide a volunteer to assist with an event




Description: Your patrol is challenged to hone their emergency wilderness survival skills.  Scouts spend a lot of time in the wilderness – “Be Prepared”! There will be 10 scored events for 100 points total.  Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place patrols.


Each scout- personal survival kit.  20 ft of 550 paracord.

Patrol – Compass, items for requirement 7 of Wilderness Survival MB, 3 different methods (other than matches) to build a fire, items to signal for help.


Building & Shooting Slingshots _Steve Molton_Scored event – 10 points_ Location: Shot Gun range

Requirement: Safety and accuracy


Primitive fishing  _Mr Spink__Award event_                      Location: Fishing Pier (Behind Dining Hall)

Requirement: Catch a fish with survival equipment provided.

Provided: Hooks and line provided.


Fire Building _Kevin Sweere_ _Scored event -10 points_ -                               Location: Council Ring

Requirement: Build a fire.  (Wilderness Survival Merit Badge Requirement #6.) Using three different methods (other than matches), build and light three fires.


Hawk Throwing  _Mad River Trace_ _Scored event – 10 points    Location: Mad River Trace (Cargill)

Requirement: Throw for accuracy and safety


First Aid _Hunter Marks_ _Award Event_                                                   Location: First Aid Facility

Requirement: Be Prepared


Obstacle Crossing _Jim Marker_ _Award event_  Location: Sandy Activity Area (Volley Ball courts)

Requirement: Lash device presented at event. – (Puddle jumper)


Archery   Brian Dabe_  _Scored event – 10 points_                                         Location: Archery Range

Requirement: Survival questions and the patrols will shoot arrows at targets with the answers.


8 Knot Challenge _Crew 68_ _Scored event – 10 points_                             Location: Erwin Pavilion

Requirements/Needs: To hold the eight knot contest you’ll need four ropes of equal diameter, three six foot long, and one twelve feet long. A two foot long log about six inches in diameter, and two trees 12-16 feet apart. The contest begins with all the ropes and the log laid out, untied, on the ground, and ends when the knots are all tied and the log is suspended off the ground.  Ropes, trees and logs provided to patrols at event?


Obstacle Course _Scott Jenks_ _Scored event -10points_                    Location: Field at Range Area

Requirements: Timed Obstacle Fitness Course for Points


Edible Plants_ Michelle D.,_Scored event – 10 points_,                                      Location: Carmony



Compass _ Bill Blake__Scored event -10points_,                                              Location: Parade Field

Requirement: Mark 3 way points .  Patrol uses one of the directional receivers to take compass bearings at the 3 way points.  Bring back the compass readings to a Camp Birch map, orient the map, then transfer the compass bearings to the map.  If the compass reading is accurate, the Patrol will find the transmitter. 

What to Bring: Compass and mapping skills


Water Treatment  _ Kiylottoe Kat, _Award event_,                                 Location: Clippinger Shelter

Requirements: Demonstrate three ways to treat water found in the outdoors to prepare it for drinking. (Requirement 10 of Wilderness Survival MB)


7 Priorities of Survival  ____________, _Scored event – 10 points_, Location: Back Porch of Turner

Requiements: List the seven priorities for survival in a backcountry or wilderness location (Reference material Wilderness Survival MB.


Rescue Signaling _Keith Alford, _Award event_,                                                Location: Boat House

Requirements: (Wilderness Survival Merit Badge 7.) Do the following:  a. Show five different ways to attract attention when lost.  b. Demonstrate how to use a signal mirror.  c. Describe from memory five ground-to-air signals and tell what they mean.

What to bring. Items to complete requirements


Campfire Audition - _Devin Henson_ _Award event_                                            Location: Sassafras

Requirement: Arrive prepared to have a song, skit or short story/tall tale to audition for the event campfire!


Pocket survival kit w/paracord _Molton_ –                                            Location: Dining hall porch

Requirement: Bring all items (personal or awarded throughout the day) for your kit.



Shelter Building _Scoutmasters  _Award event_                                               Location: Campsites

Requirement: (Wilderness Survival Merit Badge 8.) Improvise a natural shelter, use techniques that have little negative impact on the environment. Spend a night in your shelter.


Hot rock cooking/Steam Pit/Flat stone cooking _ Scoutmaster/leader – Scored event – 10 points _

                                                                                                                                  Location: Campsites

Example - Link

Judging: Duty roster; Cooking area clean and tidy; Served on time; Healthy and Meal Quality


Gateway Competition: Chillicothe Commissioners_                                             Location: Campsites

GATEWAY (500 pts) Troop:_______________         



Provided by Scouts/Troop -

  • All materials
  • Ropes whipped or end spliced
  • No metal or plastic materials

    ACTION:  Build a Pioneering themed Gateway with a Minimum of 15 poles and 10 lashings.


  • Unit will design and construct a Pioneering Gateway using wood & ropes (Flags can be of any appropriate material). 
  • All gateways must have at least one flagpole for the American Flag.  Flagpole must be higher than the gateway.
  • No two country flags may fly on the same pole, they must be at the same height. Troop, state, city, and any other flags may fly from the same pole(s) under a country flag. The American flag must always be on its right (standing at the gateway facing out from the Campsite on your right hand side).
  • Decorations added to the Pioneering Project and/or Gateway should preferably be of a rustic nature; however, painted signs on wood or other similar material are acceptable.
  • All loose wood remaining after completion of Gateway will be properly stored.
  • Safety factors will be considered in the judging
  • Gateway will be 100% youth constructed.
  • Gateway will be constructed using hand tools only.
  • Decorations and non-natural material are for enhancements only and may not be a structural part of the Gateway or Pioneering project.
  • Gateway must be free standing.  No holes in ground are permitted.  Gateways must be secured by means of staked guy lines or other means not requiring holes in the ground.  They should also be designed to accommodate strong storms and winds.



    SKILLS REQUIRED:  Lashings/Knots: Round lashing, Tripod lashing, Square lashing, Diagonal lashing, Ladder lashing, Taut-Line hitch, Two-Half hitches, Clove hitch, Bowline, Square Knot, Sheet Bend, Timber Hitch, Slip Knot, Fisherman’s Knot, Sheep Shank, Figure Eight.


  • Construction will be observed by an adult leader managing the pioneering project.  Scouts can’t leave the ground while working on this project.  Scouts need to wear leather work gloves when working with rope, spars, and timbers to prevent rope burns, woods splinters, and rope fiber splinters.
  • Scouts are not allowed to work at heights or on ladders (Guide to Safe Scouting). Any gateways incorporating towers or other features that may require a scout to climb the structure must be constructed on the ground. Scouts are not to climb a finished gateway.

LOCATION:  Troop Campsite.



  • All Ropes are Whipped/Fused                                                   50      0


  • Flag can be raised up and down                                               50      0
  • Flags (American-40, Troop-20, raise lower-40)                      100      60, 40, 20


  • Types of lashings (20 per type, up to 5)                                 100      80, 60, 40, 20
  • Application of lashings (joints require certain lashings)        100      50, 25
  • Tight Lashings (do joints slip?)                                                100      50, 25
  • No knots used to secure Gateway                                            50      40, 30, 20, 10
  • Knots for flags/decorations tied properly                                50      40, 30, 20, 10
  • Lashing Quality (4 wraps, 2 fraps)                                            50      25
  • Stability (use pioneering techniques to improve?)                100      0
  • Teamwork                                                                                 50      40, 30, 20, 10
  • Theme (>incorporated in design / < decorations attached)  100      50, 25
  • Creativity (unique design, unusual elements)                        100      50, 25


  • Not constructed on site (all, part)                                          -100
  • Adults involved in construction                                              -300    
  • Safety (project not safe to be around)                                   -100    
  • Safety (project not safe for scouts to build)                           -100    
  • Metal other than pulleys                                                        -100
  • Less than 25 poles used                                                          -100
  • Less than 20 lashings used                                                      -100
  • Not all Patrols involved in construction                                  -100


    Total Points                                                                                        1000



  • Moving Door                                                                           100      0
  • Doorbell (manual pioneering style)                                          50      0

Merit Badge

Roughing It for the Fun of It - . The Wilderness Survival theme will have the opportunity to demonstrate their scout skills competing in various fun and challenging activities as well as primitive camping under the stars.

The camporee will provide opportunities to complete a few of the Wilderness Survival merit badge requirements.

- Must have a signed blue card, no event records will be kept

- The following may be completed

5. Put together a personal survival kit and explain how each item in it could be useful.

6. Using three different methods (other than matches), build and light three fires.

7. Do the following:

 a. Show five different ways to attract attention when lost.

 b. Demonstrate how to use a signal mirror.

 c. Describe from memory five ground-to-air signals and tell what they mean.

8. Improvise a natural shelter. For the purpose of this demonstration, use techniques that have little negative impact on the environment. Spend a night in your shelter.

10. Demonstrate three ways to treat water found in the outdoors to prepare it for drinking.

12. Explain why it usually is not wise to eat edible wild plants or wildlife in a wilderness survival situation.

The most successful Troop’s at this year’s Camporee will have thoroughly read and attained a complete understanding of all the information covered in this handbook.



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