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Sep 28-30, 2012
Chillicothe Fall Camporee

Chillicothe Fall Camporee

Hear Ye!  Hear Ye!  Honorable Scouts of Chillicothe!!  The gauntlet has been thrown and only those Scouts of Noble blood may have the strength to accept the challenges presented during Chillicothe’s Fall Camporee. This tournament is scheduled to proceed during the final days in September! The weekend of 28-30 September in the year of our lord 2012! Knights and pages, alike, will gather in the land of Birch to partake of much melee! The tourney will sport events such as jousting, longbow, black powder, dragon slaying and many the likes have never been seen.

Come join this medieval camporee for a mere mark of $10 for apprentice. Should you require lodging; an alms of $20 marks will cover your entire encampment for the weekend.

  • $10 per Scout
  • $0 for adults
  • $20 camping fee per unit campsite for the weekend

If there be Lords among you that wish to assist in this grand event, please contact Lady Ashbeck at [Click for member's page]

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