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Jan 29-31, 2016
Chillicothe Klondike Derby

Chillicothe Klondike Derby “Ship Wrecked in Alaska”

2016 Chillicothe Klondike Derby Leaders Guide.pdf 

2016 Extreme Klondike Handout.pdf

WHEN: January 29-31, 2016 at Camp Birch, 4057 Swimming Pool Rd, Yellow Springs Ohio.

COST:  $25.00 ($18.00 if paid by 15 Jan16) Includes: CAMPING FEES

(free HAT if paid by 15 Dec 15)

WEBELOS: $8.00 (Saturday only – no camping)

(free HAT if paid by 15 Dec 15)

Extreme Klondike: $20.00 (must be paid by 15 Dec 15)



GOLD COIN SLED RACE                                               EQUIPMENT PICKUP MAP CONTEST



ICE RESCUE                                                                 ANNE OAKLEY CHALLENGE

TETHERING TEST                                                          TRAVERSE OBSTACLES

WEBELOS – separate events and Awards for Webelos

EXTREME KLONDIKE – test older scout skills

Extreme Klondike! (EK!) is a frontcountry, cold-weather personal and team challenge for +14 year old Scouts/Venturers during the Chillicothe Klondike Derby, 30 Jan 16. Scouts demonstrate their prowess in lashings, orienteering, fire-building, fire-starting, shelter building, menu planning from basic ingredients, cooking over a fire, first aid, and personal clothing/equipment/meal preparation.  Part backpacking, part survival, and part winter camping, the mini-High-Adventure Extreme Klondike! aims to replicate trail life in the Great Northwest.  

Having met these realistic, tougher-than-typical challenges, Extreme Klondike!rs will leave feeling ten feet tall.  Paying and attending earns each the Klondike hat/patch.  Those meeting the higher and more rigorous standard of every task shall earn the Extreme Klondike! Master Award (e.g. a knife, useful trinket, 2016 Ford F150 pickup, etc.).  Only the bold, skilled Scout will earn it.  Will you?

VENTURES: Leadership and Service hours running events.

TEAMS:  Sled Teams – not less than 5 not more than 6 scouts per team.

THEME:  Ship Wrecked in Alaska.  Join the survivors of the U.S.S. Chillicothe for a harrowing adventure through remote Alaska as you retrieve survival items lost at sea while using your Scout   Skills in an attempt to reach safety.

EVENT CONTACT: Ernie McCallister,

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