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Apr 16, 2011
Blue Jacket Pinewood Derby

2011 Blue Jacket District Pinewood Derby Race Rules

Saturday April 16th, Son Center, Lewistown

These rules are the same as the Council Race for simplicity

All cars must pass inspection to qualify for the race. The inspection points are as follows:

1. You must use the official Pinewood Derby kit furnished by BSA, including the wood block, all 4 tires, and all 4 axles. (no three wheelers) Use of pre-cut or purchased speed products is prohibited. We recommend not painting the bottom of your car. Modifications to the wheelbase length ARE permitted.

2. Modifications to the wheels can be made, sanding/polishing, etc but outlaw type wheels will be prohibited (I.E. shaving down to a thin point)

3. The car must have been made during the current year (2011).

4. Weight: 5.00 ounces or less. The race day scale is official.

5. Length: 7 inches max. Width: 2.75 inches max. Clearance: 3/16 inches. Overall Height: your choice.

6. Gravity powered. No power assisting devices such as rubber bands or magnets.

7. Wheel bearings, washers, and bushings are prohibited.

8. The car shall not ride on any kind or type of springs.

9. Any details added must be within length, width, and weight limits.

10. The car must be freewheeling, with no starting devices.

11. No loose materials of any kind, such as lead shot, are allowed in the car.

12. No Liquid lubricants are allowed. Graphite is acceptable and recommended.

13. No portion of the car may extend beyond the starting pole. Ask if you are not sure what this means.

14. ANYTHING ELSE GOES. We are looking for innovation and creativity – work with your son and let him learn and do. Go to the library, get books on speed secrets, explore which ones you want to use.

15. The official Race Committee has the final word on any and all issues. Please respect their decision.

Race Specifics: This year’s race will be computer controlled. The computer will randomly decide what cars are run in what races and will ensure each car runs on each lane. The computer has sensors which will instantly determine the race winners and time. You will be racing against all cars so time is what counts, not necessarily winning your race, although it’s fun to win your heat. Results will be broadcast audibly and shown on a screen instantly for all to see.

Other Race Details and Rules: Each car will be ‘pitted’ after inspection. Once pitted, no further modifications can be made to the car. If a car leaves the track, runs out of its lane, interferes with another car, loses an axle, etc., the heat will be rerun. If the same car gets into trouble on the second run, the car will be run backward on the third run to try and keep it inside its lane. If this fails, the contestant is disqualified and automatically loses that race. If, on any run, another car is interfered with, the heat will be run again but without the disqualified car. All cars will be allowed to run the race without interference from other cars.

Blue Jacket District Pinewood Derby April 16, 2011 – Son Center, Lewistown

$5.00 registration fee – pay at the door

Car check-in 8:00-9:00am (all cars must be checked in before 9:30am)

Pinewood Derby Trophy Races Begin 9:30am

ALSO: Car Judging for non-racing awards

Open Race – no restrictions on age; follows Scout Trophy Race

Times are approximate and we will try to keep to this schedule!

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