Aquatics Center Construction

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Aquatics Center Update for January

Thank you to everyone that has made generous contributions to the aquatics center!!!  We could not do this without you.  The youth of the Council thank you for your generosity.

We are moving right along with our project after a minor setback.  The wood trusses for the building were delivered incorrectly so that delayed our framers from getting the next step done.  Our wood framers will be out in the next week or so.  Once that happens all of the interior work can begin.  We are still on schedule to have a dedication ceremony towards the end of May before summer camp opens.

Our goal is to raise $209,000 so we will incur no debt with this project.  We have been offering a special deal to get a brick for only $125/brick.  Many Scouts BSA troops and Cub Scout packs have already put their unit number on a brick.  Has your unit done so yet? We have raised $181,521 towards our goal of $209,000.  We only need $28,000 more to reach our goal!  Can you find it in your heart to help out?   Please send in your pledge form today.